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Default Robbed of $600 by Virgin Atlantic

This the tale of how Virgin Air decided to make an extra $600 off of us when its staff knew we had no other option. Don't risk your trip on this airline. This can easily happen to you.

We were returning to the U.S. after a four-day visit to London. We were delayed leaving because I had been feeling ill that day. We arrived rushing as best we could, and were even held up by Virgin staff trying to sell a seat upgrade.

By the time we arrived at the baggage check-in, it was 3:05 p.m. and our flight was leaving at 4 p.m. The agent took a few moments to review our documents, then asked someone else whether we could still put our bags on the flight. That person said no. Given that there were other passengers who were already at the check-in desk when we arrived who still were loading their bags, I know it was merely a Virgin policy to not allow us to load the bags and not any other restriction from the airport.

What was the next and only option? They charged us almost $600 more to take seats on a flight four hours later that was 70% empty. It sent an unmistakable signal: Virgin enjoys sticking it to customers who had some bad fortune.

Again, don't risk a flight on this airline. It's like the worst of the credit card companies or other shysters in the market - the second they can find a reason and know you have no alternative, they'll unjustly suck as much money out of you as they can.
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Although Virgin are technically correct in cutting you off 1 hour before departure for long haul flights, it is not because of an policy by BAA. It is simply the airlines policy. Had you been an Upper Class passenger, or a high spender, you can bet your cotton socks that they would have accepted the luggage. I personally have never had a problem with Virgin, but there is a creeping acceptance of the Ryanair model of exploiting any misfortune of the passenger to make more money.

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