COMPLAINT: Complain against Swissair

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Please do advice me if am on the right place.

My family travelled From UK to Tanzania for holidays 27/12/2014. On arrival our baggage were not in the same plane.
Swissair cargo (handling baggages for swissair) refused to deliver where we would be in the Country and forced us to wait while in Dar es salaam (port of arrival).

This meant we lost the money $2000 as we had to cancel pre paid safari which was starting from the airport on arrival (their terms and condition were if cancelled less than 7days before date of safari starts you loose all the monies), we told swissair cargo staff about this and they say they follow swissair guidelines that customer needs to wait at port of arrival till baggage delivered.

We had to incure again $500 cost of hotel for two nights totalling extra cost of $2500.

Also, No swissair staff was there at arrival to offer compensation for necessities while we had to wait for baggage.
Baggage arrived after 38hrs from initial arriving to the country.

On arriving back to UK we contacted our travel insurance who said can only refund necessities costs, they adviced us to contact swissair for the additional $2500 as their discriminating policy of not bringing our baggage to where we were within the country was the reason for us to incure extra cost of that $2500.

I contacted swiss air who apologied and after series of emails back and forth (i have all copies) asked me to send them receipts for those extra costs and they also requested my bank details.

To my surprise they only offered $250 and not the entire $2500. I replied and said i was not happy with offer and that I will contact another body to report this. After few days i saw $250 in my account from swissair even though i did not agreed with the $250 offer.

My complaints. ..
1. To refund the remaining $2250 as they have paid $250.

2. We want to know why they refused not delivering baggage where we were? As if they would deliver where we were going to be when baggage arrived, my family wouldn't have spent extra $2500. Bacause if the same baggage delay would happened in UK they would deliver to were we would be anywhere with UK.
We want this discrimination policy to be stopped so next time we can travel with swissair and be sure that incase of baggage delay again, they will deliver where will be just like if we were in UK.

Please do help.
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