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COMPLAINT: Very poor, unprofessional and careless service from LUFTHANSA

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Old Mar 24, 2015, 7:44 AM
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I want to share with the forum my extreme disappointing with the way LUFTHANSA manage my case in the occasion of my failed flight from Bahrain to Frankfurt, and the evasive and careless response from the Customer Care Office in reply to my complain.
I am currently living in Saudi Arabia; last December 2014, I was in the Consulate of my country in the city of Frankfurt to renew my passport; last February I scheduled a weekend trip to Frankfurt with the only purpose to collect my new passport, departing from Bahrain on Friday 13th in the flight LH621 and returning to Dammam on the Saturday 14th 2015 (flight LH626). Booking reference ZE6IEK
The fact was that the airline refused to allow me to board, with the argument of my passport would expire in less than three months, this, despite I explained the reason of my fly was precisely to collect my new passport and showed proof of what I was saying.
They argued that the decision was made after having contacted to the concerned persons in Frankfurt; I highlighted the fact that due to it was late night in Frankfurt, most probably there were no Senior personnel on duty enough empowered to make a decision; I argued that at the time of my arrival in morning times there would the right person to talk to and also I would have the resource to call to my Consulate who would confirm the reason of my travel and could also fax a copy of my new passport. I highlighted the fact that, holding a valid passport, with a return ticket for the next day and being able to demonstrate the reason of my short trip was precisely to collect my new passport, it would be very unlikely that they deny my entry; they responded to my arguments on the pretext of not being willing to take the risk of being fined. They emphasized that the only way they will allow me to board, would be if I get a Visa from the German Embassy.
As an alternative, the person in charge of LUFTHANSA operations, suggested me the option to fly with another airline, which flight to Frankfurt would depart one hour later; he would transfer my ticket to GULF AIR and from my side I wouldn't tell them the true, instead I would say that I lost my flight with LUFTHANSA due to it was closed when I came late to the airport; I explained the situation with my passport to the staff of GULF AIR, and after some consultations they accepted me of their flight, my boarding pass was issued, I made all security ad immigration and was about to board, when suddenly they stopped and notified me that I could not no take the fly; I inquired about the reason of this last minute decision, and the airline officer told me that they were aware of the real reason why I did not fly with LUFTHANSA, which mean someone from LUFTHANSA staff filtered the information to GULF AIR. At that moment I felt like a Jihadist being stopped when attempting to board a flight aiming to join the IS terrorist group, everybody was looking at me.
Given the importance to get my new passport, I decided to stay in Bahrain until the next working day (Sunday Feb. 15th 2015), in order to go to the German Embassy. I went there, but they told me there was nothing they can do because I dont require a visa to enter Germany, I asked for a kind of waiver, but they said that they cannot issue that kind of documents. Due to the negative response, and taking into account the categorical position of LUFTHANSA staff in Manama, I decided to go back to Saudi Arabia.
The decision of the airline cost me, beside a very big displeasure, three days of stay in Bahrain (hotel, food and taxis), taxi from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, cancellation fine of by room booking in Frankfurt plus two off-duty days without payment. AS IF IT WERE NOT ENOUGH, THE AIRLINE REFUSED TO REIMBURSE ME THE 100% OF THE AIR TICKET; INSTEAD THEY FINED ME WITH 200.
In response to my complain through LUFTHANSA website, the only answer I received was a call from the Customer Care Department officer, who limited to apologize for not allowing me to board the flight; there was not clear answer to my complain on the information filtered to the staff of GULF AIR that caused their last minute decision and exposed me to a very embarrassing situation; regarding the unacceptable decision taken by LUFTHANSA to charge me a fine of 200, the answer was, there is nothing they can do, due to this is an issue with another department.
I want to highlight that, one week ago I traveled in a business trip to the cities of Muscat, Oman and Doha, Qatar, in the same circumstances and the airline QATAR AIRWAYS was willing, diligent and capable to handle the situation.
I will conclude that at the end of this story without a happy ending, there are two losers:
I lost an appreciable amount time and money due the unwillingness of the airline management to take what I call a calculated risk; and LUFTHANSA lost a loyal customer.
I was hoping that LUFTHANSA would take more seriously my complain; unfortunately this did not happen. A simple apologize and the insistence on justifying the decision of the airline, ignoring the consequences that such a decision brought to me, does not compensate me at all, given the costs in terms of time and money and the very evil moments that LUFTHANSA made me to pass.
To finish, I will say that I am extremely disappointed with the very poor, unprofessional and careless service given by LUFTHANSA in this opportunity. From now on, I will delete LUFTHANSA from my favorites airlines list, therefore, I will avoid flying with them unless is strictly necessary
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