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Lufthansa Complaints>Worst Airline Ever
TJ07 5:47 PM May 25, 2017
I booked a return fight with Lufthansa Airlines in March for travel from Munich to Copenhagen and back in April. My travel plans subsequently changed and I had to change my booking since I would be travelling from Amsterdam to Copenhagen and then Copenhagen to Munich.

I called the call centre to try to change my booking, and the lady informed me that I was unable to change nor cancel the flight. To which I said fine, I will forfeit the first leg of the flight, book another flight, but I will keep the return leg from Copenhagen to Munich. At no point did the lady point out that by not using the first leg I would automatically be cancelled on the second leg!!!

Imagine my horror when I arrived at the Copenhagen airport for my flight to Munich, only to be told that I had been removed from the flight because I did not use my ticket for the first leg. On top of that Lufthansa did not even bother to notify me via email or SMS. Since I was in a huge hurry, I had no choice but to now buy another on the flight at a ridiculously inflated price (almost 5 times more than what I initially paid).

This is honestly the WORST service I have received from any airline. The lady at the call centre obviously did not know enough to inform me about my ticket details, nowhere on my ticket does it state that the 2 legs MUST be used together, I received no communication to say I was taken off the return flight, and I had to put myself in financial distress at the end of my trip to book myself on a flight I was already on!!!

On top of that I laid a complaint on the Lufthansa website 3 weeks ago and have still not received any feedback. I repeat, the worst airline I ever had the displeasure of using.
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