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Angry British airways service to pregnant woman with 9 months old baby.

Hi ,first of all sorry for my english cuz im not native english user but the past week I took a flight with British airways and I (we) are so upset with their service in the First class lounge .
My husband is holding the Gold card member for more than 5 years and travel almost around the world and spend a lot of money to maintain flying with BA.He also recommends me to use BA ,until now I am holding Bronze card and about to upgrade to Silver real soon.
As who knows that Gold members have a right to access First class lounge in any Airport + bring a guest.
We flew from Pisa-London together ,everything went well.Me (I'm pregnant) my husband and our son 9months old have been treated well from the lounge and on the air.
But the story start from here when we had to separate flight in London.We arrived London at 16.40 at Terminal 5 .My husband needs to catch the flight to Newyork at 18.00 and I was heading to Bangkok at 22.00 .We took a bus to Terminal 3.When we about to get into the lounge ,my husband has been told that he needed to go back to get flight from Terminal 5 so he asked the staffs 3 LADIES (2 BRITISH AND 1 ASIAN )to bring me and my baby in the lounge as he had the rights and so he will go back to terminal 5 cuz he had so little time now. We got the answered "NO YOU CAN'T GET INTO THE LOUGNE" my husband and me wondered and ask why? They said "if my husband doesn't go to the lounge,I have no rights to go to the lounge" I said "YES I KNOW BUT MY HUSBAND IS HERE AND HE HAS RIGHT TO GO TO THE LOUNGE AND BRING A GUEST IN"1 of them say she understand but insist not allow.My husband got angry cuz he was rushing to go back to Terminal 5. HE STARTED BEGGING "CAN YOU CARE FOR MY WIFE AND MY BABY HE IS 9 MONTHS OLD??" 1 of them answered " IF WE ALLOW YOU ,WE HAVE TO ALLOW EVERYONE SO WE CAN'T " (in this point I was wondering WHY SHE HAS TO ALLOW US ,MY HUSBAND HAS THE RIGHTS ,WE DON'T NEED HER PERMISSION!) My husband kept begging by saying "Do you have a humanity?? Do you see the baby ??Her flight is 6hrs waiting... They 3 were smiling "Yes we see but we can't allow" My husband was at breaking point saying "No,you don't ,cuz you are not human!Maybe you never have 9 months old baby" And this is my breaking point when I heard 3 OF THEM SMILING AND GIGGLING LAUGHING " YES SIR I USED TO HAVE 9 MONTHS OLD BABY ONCE! " and KEPT LAUGHING !!?? I was crying right away of anger and my husband was leaving .We kissed with tears .
After he left,I was thinking to do something ."IF THEY ARE A BITCH,IM A BITCHER!! " at that moment my baby was crying of hunger, I need to beg Starbucks coffee for a hot water cuz the BA lounge did allow me in. I came back in front of the lounge 15mins later ,sitting and feeding the baby.1 Asian lady and 1 British have left but 1 who was laughing still there watching me and my baby without care!. New staff got it ,the lady did look at us but just walk away.2 new staffs came toward me asking me to leave .I insist to stay .I asked them that we had the rights ,we are not walking guest that come and ask for a favor to get in.My husband didn't even use his right using the lounge cuz he needed to go.At least I need a clean quiet place for my baby .They insist kicking me out with 2 ladies kept saying "we can't " .... After sitting there for almost half hour ,with many watching eyes of first class guests looking at us ,1 of 2 lady came back to ask me to leave and brought me to the lower lounge .I can see that she didn't pleased to do it but she did it because there were more than 20 people saw us there.
Since then I really feel sorry to my baby for choosing this BA and make us look like a beggar .We are so upset choosing the airline that we have been so royalty .Maybe they think that LOOSING 1 or 2 GUESTS IS NOT A BIG DEAL FOR THEM,IT DOESN'T EFFECT TO THEM,THAT'S WHY THEY ARE TREATING US LIKE THIS. Since that day I kept thinking and make me understand " WHY BRITISH AIRWAYS IS NOT THE BEST AIRLINES!!
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I can understand where you are coming from. however, rules are rules. if your husband isn't in the lounge, then you cant be either. You aren't the only traveler with an infant being denied lounge access. How much time did your husband have before his connecting flight? maybe next time (just a suggestion) just have him go in for even 10 minutes (that way you are now in) and he can leave and catch his flight. Just because your husband has the status, you don't, therefore, you cant be in the lounge. when I traveled I didn't have lounge access but my friend did, I couldn't go into the lounge without her. Like I said, I understand your point, but, you don't have the status to be in there. next time, just have your husband walk in with you for even 5minutes and leave. He's an adult and should know when he needs or how much time he needs to make a connection (heck, nobody really has time in heathrow lol)
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I think they were a bit rigid, but the tone of your story is ridiculous. You make it sound like you were being deprived of your human rights and dignity. There are places to sit with a child all over Heathrow and there are baby feeding stations all over the place too. You were not, under the rules, entitled to this service. You were asking them to waive the rules for you and they declined. I think they could have and it would have been good PR, but your attitude of entitlement may have had a bearing on this.. There is an undercurrent of princess with attitude in your posting.
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Since English is not your first language let me give you a piece of advice that unless you are talking about a female dog the word "bitch" is offensive and not an appropriate word to use.
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