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Cathay Pacific Complaints>Theft From Baggages Goods and Cash
shahsmit7 1:29 PM Jul 29, 2017
#cathaypacific Your employees Are JUST BIG THIEF?, GOODS As well as CASH STOLEN FROM THE CHECKED IN BAGGAGE OF ALL 6 BAGGAGES TICKET Number 1602360503644 and Baggage Tag Number KA 643510, KA643539, KA643591, KA643624, KA643707, KA643640, FLIGHT ROUTE - Dt - 19th July 2017 SHANGHAI ✈️ to ✈️ HONG KONG Flight Number KA805 Connecting with, From HONGKONG ✈️ to ✈️ MUMBAI Flight Number CX 663 **** SERVICE NO RESPONSIBILIY.

No responsbility of our Luggage.

Tags:cathaypacific, irresponsible management, theft
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