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Default Had my luggage trashed, United lied about fixing it

I flew UA106 from Dulles to Munich on the 21 Sept (flight arrived MUC 22 Sept)

On arrival in Munich I discovered United had damaged my almost brand-new case (it was bought in May 2017 at a cost of over 300 euro and used on only one flight prior to the tickets booked with United).

United promised to repair it and replace it.

They left me with the use of NO LUGGAGE for two weeks.

During this time I had to borrow a case to travel Europe.

I was forced to return to Munich before my onward flight to JNB to pick-up the repaired case, but was willing to, as finding a replacement where I live is near impossible.

I incurred rental car costs, on top of travel costs to pick up the case.
When I got to Munich, United had taken almost two weeks to do anything about the case.

Expecting my repaired case, I found United had replaced my case with a generic case, of inferior quality, inferior value, with no process of consultation.

I called United at Munich, but lo and behold, their call centre was closed and would not open before my next flight.

As I had to return the luggage I'd borrowed (United failed to provide a temporary case for my travels at all) I was forced to use the case they provided to get home (on a ticket also booked through United)

On returning home, United said they would replace my case with a proper brand (still didn't offer an equivalent) and needed my address to arrange collection.

United then said I lived outside of where they would collect from, and unless I returned to Europe or the US, they refused to assist. I live in BOTSWANA, Southern Africa. If United can book me a FLIGHT there, they sure as hell can arrange for collection of a suitcase.

United retracted all offers, refused to collect their pathetic excuse for a suitcase, and refused to any more of my emails. They also refused to assist with contact details for me to escalate the complaint.

United have STOLEN my luggage, given my an inferior product which I do not accept, refused to compensate me and refused to log an escalated complaint.

Absolutely disgusting customer service & a disgrace to the airline industry. If you break it, you bought it. I politely requested that they either:

A) Return my original case, repaired as new.
B) Provide me with an equivalent case.

I had not even asked for compensation for the change to my travel plans, loss of annual leave as a result and financial loss I took to go out of my way to collect the case.

I am completely disgusted by United Airlines "customer service" and am now seeking to escalate the complaint to compensate me for lost annual leave, as well as incurred travel expenses, in ADDITION to the value of the original case (or return of the original case).

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