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Angry Allegiant Air

Allegiant air advertises itself as the low, low cost airline. However, when you add up all the add on charges, it would make you wonder if that is anywhere near the truth. We recently flew from Allentown PA to Sanford Florida. In addition to the base price of the ticket, they added a charge on if you wanted to select you own seat when you purchased a ticket, they added a charge on for any carry on that you might want to take and to add inslut to injury, they no longer give you anything to drink or snack on...unless , of course , you want to pay for it. Cheapest Airlien????
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I have flown Allegiant a few times, and they do have additional charges. However, trip ins and seat assignments are fees that you can opt out of. They still have some awesome fares. I agree that it sucks that they give out no beverages for free. But you can take an empty water bottle thru security and fill it up. Just a suggestion.
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Red face opt out

Yes, you can opt out of paying a seat selection or carry on charges IF you don't care that , when traveling with your family, they might be assigned seats all over the plane and not with or near you....and if you can fit all you travel clothing and other luggage in a carry on that fits under the seat...Neither option, of which is very attractive or enticing to make one choose the "low" fares!
added charges, allegiant air, lowest fare guaranteed

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