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So our bags didn't arrive with us. We filed it and returned home. After 3 days (which seems reasonable), I looked on the website; bags nowhere to be found. Called, they said they had no record, call back. I did; lo and behold, bags found! Now they were on their way from London to Toronto. Waited again, still no bags, checked website, saw they were on their way from Toronto to LaGuardia in NYC. Waited a day and a half; no bags, called airline and they simply kept repeating that my bags were in LaGuardia and they were waiting for identification. From whom? When would it come? They had no idea, but said they would be delivered most likely the following afternoon. Asked why bags not flown to Syracuse, close to where I live; told there weren't any flights (mind you, there are at least 5 DAILY flights from Syracuse to LaGuardia and back as LaGuardia is a hub). Asked to describe contents of both bags, which I did. Told a delivery company would call and advise when the bags would be delivered. Waited; still no bags. Looked on website, saw bags going back to Toronto (mind you, that's twice that my bags have flown directly over my house). Called again, told they were waiting for instructions and that a delivery company would eventually call me to advise when the bags would be delivered (sound familiar?). Asked to describe baggage contents AGAIN. This time I asked to speak to a supervisor; told no one was available, didn't know when one would be available, and when I asked for a supervisor to call me back, told they didn't know when a supervisor would be able to call me back. Oh, and still no bags and no idea from the airline why this is taking so long, why my bags have flown over my house twice without delivery, or when I might expect them. No response from email, no response from repeated requests for specific info. ONE WEEK and counting.

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