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Default 2 days stranded in Beijing, lost luggage, no information

My 3 children and a friend travelled on 26 December 2006 from Toronto-Vancouver-Beijing-Bangkok and returned on 6 January (started) Bangkok-Beijing-Toronto (8 January). If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny. Except for Beijing-Bangkok-Beijing (Thai Airways) all the flights were AIR Canada.

Everything was fine to Beijing (outward) but they weren't issued boarding passes for PEK-BKK and it was their fault they didn't have them in PEK. Then their friend was originally denied boarding in Beijing because she "wasn't in the system". WHY WASN'T SHE IN THE SYSTEM WHEN AC CHECKED THEM IN AT TORONTO? At the last minute she was allowed to board and they all arrived in Bangkok except the luggage for my children didn't make the connection but their friend's luggage (who barely was allowed to board) made the connection.
Luggage arrived 2 days later.

When we checked in (Bangkok-Beijing) again the friend wasn't "in the system" but they issued her a pass and everybody travelled to Beijing. Had about an 8 hour wait in PEK until the flight and then the flight was delayed (4 hours) then another delay (4 hours) then they went to a hotel (AC paid and they were allowed to eat in the restaurant). Didn't get their luggage and spent most of their money in the airport for sweaters and food (AC didn't give any vouchers or anything). Back to airport the next day and again the flight was cancelled (no vouchers or anything again). Back to the hotel for another night (again no luggage). Finally (after 2 nights in the hotel in Beijing) plane took off for Toronto. During the entire trip no information was provided and no AC staff showed up; only a driver who "didn't know anything".

My written complaint to AC has been handled by a Ms. Wanda Lepage who basically said "sorry but we gave each of your kids a $500 voucher for the next flight they purchase with AC" so **** off.

Furthermore, this is part of what I actually received from her (copied directly from her email)

"Our staff is expected to provide friendly and efficient service and we are very much aware of the inconvenience that can result when there is a breakdown in this service. (Please be assured our procedures will be reviewed with the employee involved and corrective measures will be taken.) OR (Please be assured your comments have been documented and will be included in reports generated for our (city) airport manager and our senior management.)

I asked for some compensation ($200) for the misplaced luggage (6 passenger nights in Bangkok and 8 passenger nights in Beijing) and they want receipts to send to their claim office. How do you expect 13 to 16 year olds to know enough to keep receipts and, besides, who in their claim office can decipher Mandarin and Thai language to verify the claims?

I have asked numerous times "WHY" did these things happen but no answer. Instead, what Wanda Lepage wrote was (again copied direct)

" regret that I have no explanation as to why no information was provided to your family when they were denied boarding on their flight due to the flight being oversold." Note that the plane wasn't overbooked, it wasn't working!!

She signed off on her last email with "I appreciate this final opportunity to review your concerns."

Ha Ha, she thinks this is the last they have heard of me.

They should change their motto to: "AIR CANADA WHERE WE'RE NOT HAPPY TIL YOU'RE NOT HAPPY"

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Default Unite

Complain to CTA, email the CEO and the rest of upper management, include names if you have them.
Share your story as much as you can.
Check out my page on Facebook - Make Air Canada Responsible.
Together we can make them answer for the way they treat people.

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