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Thumbs down Terrible Air Canada Service

I submitted the following message to Air Canada. Ten days later, I still haven't heard a response or been helped. When I called them to inquire about my complaint, they told me they only handle complaints online and there was no number I could call, so my only option was to submit another complaint online.

"To whom it may concern:

I am writing this email due to my terrible experience at Toronto Pearson International Airport. I am one of the passengers on the cancelled Air Canada 7620 flight to Washington, D.C. Although I understand the circumstances of the cancellation were due to the elements, and therefore unavoidable, the manner in which the situation was handled by many of your staff was completely unacceptable.

To begin, when the flight was originally scheduled to depart at 8:55 from gate F64, there were two other flights departing from the same gate. No problem. Unfortunately none of us headed to Washington were being informed of any changes, rescheduling, or cancellations. As I waited patiently to be attended to, I watched passenger after passenger head to the desk and watched as all the flight attendants were extremely rude. They responded to inquiring guests with elevated tones and were anything but helpful. I watched on as one of your flight attendants yelled at an elderly non-English speaking couple to "GO AWAY." This is not entirely the staff's fault. Although they should have exercised more patience, it was clear their frustration was rooted in a complete lack of information being provided to said staff, a HUGE organizational flaw coming from either the airline or the airport. I was finally asked, "Do you need something !" To which I replied that I understood they were busy but my boarding pass didn't have a seat. I was given my boarding pass and rudely brushed off. Fine.

Finally we get news that our new departure time was going to be 11:15 pm and we were eventually directed to a new gate. (Bear in mind that I requested to have text message notifications and not one message has been received in my entire time here. Had I chosen to go to the bathroom or walk away at any point I could've missed crucial information.) We all made our way to the gate and waited patiently. Eventually 11:15 passed and sometime around midnight we were told the flight was cancelled due to inclement weather; an unfortunate circumstance but understandable. We were redirected through customs and waited in line to have all our flights rescheduled.

As we are waiting in this line, we are notified that the attendants assisting us would NOT be rescheduling our flights; merely handing us our food vouchers and giving us a number to call. Again, frustrating but I understood that it was simpler this way. When given the number and our vouchers, we were instructed to leave our luggage as it would be transported to our new flight. We were then directed to the lounge at one of the extremities of the airport and there we could call the number and get our affairs in order. I reached the lounge, called, and was all ready to book my new flight when I was told on the phone that I could not schedule my new flight until I went and retrieved my luggage.

This is when the miscommunication really began to frustrate me. I had already been at this airport for 7 hours waiting and being as understand and patient as possible and the lack of informed assistance had me running around the entire airport like an absolute idiot because nobody could get anything remotely organized. I walked to baggage claim where I was told I had to go into customs to retrieve my luggage BUT I could not bring my backpack. So I had to leave my backpack behind a desk, walk to customs (where I inquired about the backpack rule and was told it was not necessary), retrieved my luggage, walked all the way back to get my backpack, all so I could call back and reschedule my flight WITHOUT ANY NECESSITY TO CONFIRM THAT I HAD RETRIEVED MY LUGGAGE IN ORDER TO RESERVE A FLIGHT!!!

The lack of professionalism from many of the airport staff, the lack of any communication, the wild goose hunt I was sent on, these were all absolutely inexcusable. I have been flying since I was a young child and I have never experienced such terrible, rude, and unhelpful service in all my years. I understand flights get cancelled and conflicts arise but the way all the situations were handled was truly unbelievable. I expect to hear soon how you intend to remedy this situation, especially considering that many passengers on this flight will be spreading the word about their equally terrible experiences with both the airline and airport staff.

I look forward to a quick response."

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