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Angry Never again air canada! Never again!

To Whom It May Concern
Air Canada almost made me miss my cousin’s wedding in Sicily and I will NEVER fly your airline again.
Thursday, July 21 –
I was booked on an Air Canada flight Windsor to Toronto, Toronto to Rome and then Rome to Palermo.
After checking my luggage and boarding the plane, we were told the plane was broken and we needed to make alternate arrangements.
Your ticket agents (of which there were only TWO of them in the entire airport) were NOT AT ALL equipped to handle any kind of change in plans.
They had no idea what to tell us or how to get us to Toronto (where MOST of us had connecting flights to Europe etc.) Their only solution was to let the “computer reconfigure” everything and we would all be re-routed. THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
The gate agent had no idea what to do so we all moved to the terminal where there was ONE woman working. She also told us to wait 10 minutes for the computer to fix things.
Instead, the one agent was joined by some sort of manager and they help TWO passengers in ONE hour while the rest of us waited in a LONG line. As is FINALLY stepped to the counter, YOUR ticket agent put up a closed sign and proceeded to tell me she was going home because Air Canada wouldn’t pay for her overtime. SHE PUT UP A CLOSED SIGN AND LEFT AT LEAST 100 PASSENGERS STRANDED IN THE WINDSOR AIRPORT.
THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I understand things happen but the serious lack of a back-up plan or any kind of guidance is an abomination.
And when I finally forced your manager to figure out a different way – he claimed he booked my on Delta airline flights when he really never did.
So I lost an entire day in Sicily, had to arrange for a car to pick me up in Windsor (at my expense) and had to get myself to Detroit Metro Airport (again at my expense) the next day.
When I got to Metro – NOTHING was booked despite your ticket agent telling me I was all set.
The Delta folks tried their best – but they could only get me to Chicago.
When I got to Chicago – there was still no record of me on any flights.
It was in Chicago where I FINALLY found a competent Air Canada employee who at least tried her best to get me to my cousin’s wedding. But even she couldn’t get all the connections to work. And this was after I went back and forth between terminals while lugging my luggage with me all while thinking I was going to miss a HUGE event in my life.
I finally took matters into my own hands and BOOKED MY OWN flight from Rome to Palermo (that was what she couldn’t make happen) at MY OWN EXPENSE.
I find this incompetence RIDICULOUS. Your airline COMPLETELY ruined a long awaited and very rare vacation for me. And thankfully I was able to get myself situated as I am a seasoned traveler and I was alone. I shudder to think what would have happened to a family travelling with small kids or a less savvy traveler.
And to make matters worse – the return trip was also filled with late arrivals and missed connections.
Once again – your employees were unable to come up with any alternative plans.
Instead they looked at me and said “there is nothing we can do”.
Long story short – because your flights from Montreal were delayed (on Friday, July 29) I was going to miss my connection from Toronto to Windsor.
The only choice left was for me to fly to TORONTO CITY airport and grab a cab (AT RUSH HOUR) to try to make my connection to Windsor. This meant I had to carry on my luggage which also meant the olive oil I was bringing back was SEIZED at security. This olive oil was a gift for my family and is PRICELESS.
I realize this letter is long – but Air Canada and your personnel turned what was supposed to be a glorious and once in a lifetime trip into a STRESSFUL miserable experience.
It also cost me almost $1000 more out of my own pocket.
I expect a phone call about this and I MOST DEFINITELY expect a complete refund for all the extra money I had to spend because of your airline.
I should also note that I work for a company in Detroit and we do a great deal of international travel. In fact, I used Air Canada to go to Brazil in June with no problems. We also used Air Canada to fly to Rome. And I recommended Air Canada to my entire family who frequently flies abroad. But after this debacle, I WILL NEVER FLY AIR CANADA AGAIN.
I certainly hope to speak to someone and I DEMAND a refund.

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