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Default Nasty OIA Jet blue Customer Service agents

Subject: Nasty Customer Service At OIA Orlando Jet Blue Front Desk

A Jet Blue customer service manager threatened me with arrest in Orlando International airport today. I have never been threatened with arrest by a police officer or anyone else. Most folks consider me to be pretty easy going but listen to this!:
Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Jet Blue and have written previous raves for them in the past. However, if you are going to depart from Orlando then I must advise you to be careful at their counter. We were taking care of children from overseas and they were to leave out of Orlando in the early afternoon. The flight was cancelled due to problems with an aircraft so they were rescheduled for a slightly earlier flight (I know... it happens, true). We had to scramble and race for Orlando from St. Pete now. We made good time so all was well but the children had no assigned seats so my wife went to the initial counter where (i think her name was Ms. Yimenez, not sure if that's right so let's call her Ms. Y) was servicing their tickets. Ms. Y told my wife that seats could only be assigned at the gate of Jetblue. This, so far, seems to be standard operating procedure but a little cold considering that the kids were bumped off the previous flight due to no fault of ours. I started to explain the above ordeal to Ms. Y, but she cut me off telling me that she would explain everything to me (but she said this with a real nasty tone). She simply repeated that she could not assign the seats from her position. I then (quite sternly) suggested that Jet Blue find a way to assist the boys past security and to the gate for seat assignment. Ms. Y didn't like that I had a similar tone as hers so she told me that she would no longer talk to me. She then explained that the only way to assist the boys to the gate was in wheel chairs. This being a ridicules statement to make having understood that the boys were in no need of wheel chairs, I spoke up and told her to get her manager. After which, I took a picture of her name tag (which turned to to be too blurry to read anyway). She informed me with nasty attitude that it was "illegal to take her picture". (I take pictures because I am really bad with names). Her manager arrives and asks her for her side of the story ONLY. Ms. Y claims she was "being nice". Of course she says that I was "screaming" at her (not true) and nasty ( much less than she was to me) and that I had taken a picture. Well, at this point, the manager,( let's call her Ms. V) decides to read me the riot act on taking pictures. Ms. V says that she could "have me put in handcuffs" for taking a picture of a Jetblue customer service agent in an airport. If this is true that someone could be arrested for taking a photo of a customer service agent at a desk then we have gone too far. But now, I let my wife handle these two bullies in jet blue uniforms for fear of having the boys miss their flight or being arrested.
All the time I am pleading with the the manager to move on and get back to getting these kids on their flight to no avail. They were out to teach the customer who is the boss these days. In the end their was a very sweet and helpful lady at the gate who took care of everything with nothing but a smile.

I must rethink my travels with Jet Blue now which I fly with them several times a year now. I am conflicted because excellence and utter incompetence live side by side with Jet Blue out of Orlando International Airport. I want to enjoy Jet Blue but I fear being threatened by some employees who are backed up by managers.

I truly want to continue enjoying Jet Blue service but I am not willing to risk this abuse again without some action taken by the corporation.
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