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Iberia Complaints>Fight has left without us 15 minuets prior to the scheduled departure time
alon mimon 1:55 PM Nov 17, 2017

On September 22nd 2017 my family, including myself and 10 other family members were on our way back from a vacation in Madrid. We had tickets to the above flight back to Tel Aviv.
Considering security check and lines, we got to the airport and checked our bags 3 hours ahead of our planned flight, unfortunately due to the size of our group and the length of the lines we arrived to the gate only 15 minuets prior to the scheduled departure time. We were very surprised to find out the the flight has left without us.

Iberia flight #3316 left without 11 people, that got stalled in a secondary security check, but made it to the gate before departure time.
The morning of September 22nd, was a Jewish holyday, and my family tried to get back home on time in observance of the new Jewish year.
My family, including myself, had to go above and beyond to find a way to get back home.
Our hopes to find a representative from your company to help us find a new flight for our family members were not successful. Since we were pressured to get back home for our holyday, we were forced to buy a business tickets for 11 family members for that night.
We've ended up leaving the terminal that day on flight #3320 at 23:05.
We were extremely disappointed that Ibiria did not make any effort to enable us reach our flight even though we arrived to the gate 15 minuets prior to the scheduled departure time.
Our even bigger disappointment is by the service we received from the Ibiria representatives at the airport. No effort was done to help us find a solution and like said before we ended up after many hours of waiting needed to purchase business tickets for a new flight.
On top of the price weve paid for our original flight, weve purchased 11 tickets in the total amount of 10,502.
Id appreciate if youll initiate a refund for this amount due to this awful mistreated incident.
See attached receipt of purchase and tickets.

mimon alon
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