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Default Cabin Crew need to be nicer!

First of all I would like to say the check in staff were nice and the flight was smooth and on time - but the attitudes of the cabin crew were terrible - that goes for 80% of them. They were mostly irritable and snappy, screwing their faces up and rolling their eyes if they didn't hear/couldn't understand what a person said. My friend is the type to get upset and a hostess snapped at her for taking too long to choose a drink - maybe a list of what refreshments are available would have helped in this situation. Another one insulted an elderly man with glasses saying his eyesight should be better than hers if he had the privilege of wearing them!!!

I couldn't hear any of the inflight entertainment as the sound quality was awful, but maybe this is true on all flights and not just AA. Maybe at 30 I am just going deaf already

Also the people that search through your luggage - and I have no objection to that whatsoever- but they took the lids off my shampoo and conditioner and never put them back on properly so it was all over my clothes and souviners.

The food trays took an AGE to be collected - I know that is a big job on a plane that size but they all seemed to have time to spare to reapply make up first.

I was warned the people at immigration would be mean but the guy was friendly and even asked me to say hi to Mickey!! I will use BA or try Virgin in future......so my advice for AA cabin crew - be nice to your passengers!!!!
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BA gets the award for the scariest FA. If you asked this dude on the Philly to Heathrow flight for anything and you get yelled at.
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AA does print a list of their beverages and if your on a buy your snack on board flight a list of those as well in the back of their inflight magazine

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