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Default Dont Fly Allegiant Air!

The first time I tried to fly Allegiant Air out of Santa Barbara I had booked a flight to leave on Friday and return on Monday. Allegiant Air called me on Thursday evening and told me I had to return on Sunday because the Monday flight had been cancelled. I ended up cancelling the enitre trip. I gave them one more chance a few monthes later, with the same itinerary. This trip I was delayed in the airport for 8 hours! The people at the counter were unable to assist me in any way. I asked if I could just get a refund and was told that they did not know. We were told many different stories of where our plane was coming from and resaons for the delay. None of he stories were even close to each other. Needless to say I am extremely frustrated with Allegiant Air and will NEVER do business with them again.
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This complaint should be filed under "other airlines"... not American Airlines.
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I flew allegiant air just the other day, the ticket agent called me a liar, they charged me extra for bags AFTER I had already paid, they destroyed my grandsons car seat, threw away my birthday present and took my 1 tear old grandsons food and drink! When I called to complain and asked to speak to a supervisor one girl hung up on me, the next was a little nicer, but not much and I still have not recieved a phone call back. I did send email to the attorney general about the treatment from this airlines.
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Default "Dispute" charge on your credit card.

Hopefully both charges were on the same credit card. If you paid with cash, and they haven't refunded after 30 days, send them a "demand" letter. A "demand" letter basically says you owe me X dollars and if you don't pay me I'll take you to court. If you DON'T live in one of the states Allegiant flys to there might be a problem if you get a judgement in your favor and Allegiant refuses to pay on the judgement. If you go to court you will, obviously, need proof of BOTH payments (ie: receipts or computer print-outs.) Without these proofs you would probably be waisting your time and money going to court and will need to just write the whole thing off as a loss.

As to the baby seat: I suspect Allegiant probably had you sign a "release" of liability for damage. You could try adding the value of the baby seat to any Small Claims action and, in court, say that the release amounts to an unreasonable "contract of adhesion." The judge may say something like "tought s**t" as far as the baby seat goes, but it would be worth a try if you have to go to court over the refund.
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Angry Allegiant Air Worst I've Ever Flown

I got cheap tickets from Boise to Las Vegas. The Boise flight was an hour and a half late.....ok, I can live with that. Returning from Las Vegas, the ticket counter told us our 5:00PM flight was on time. The electronic departure boards all said "on time". 5:00 came and went without any announcements. At 5:15 the departure board said the flight took off at 5:00, on time. An hour later there was finally an announcement that the flight would take off late - at 6:30. The agent behind the counter then told me it'd be more like 7:00. Finally another announcement that it'd be 8:00. At 8:30 they announced the plane would be ready to leave at 8:45. At 9:15 we finally boarded. They continually lied to us - not a happy face anywhere in the waiting area. The tickets might be cheap, but the service is the worse I've ever seen. Many of us were there a few hours early, like they always tell you to show up early. So we were in that passenger waiting area for a good 6-plus hours, hungry and tired. Alligiant is so cheap, they won't even give you a bag of peanuts, even though they hold you hostage all day. Never fly Alligiant. When I wrote a letter to the company, they just said "sometimes that's just the way it goes". They could care less.
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Angry Allegiant Airlines New Name

My wife and I now refer to Allegiant Airlines as POC Airlines - Piece of Crap Airlines..... You'll find out why if you fly with them.
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My explanation is not an excuse for announcements not being made to keep you informed. Something should have been said. Now that being said, was this a maintenance delay? The reason being, dealing with the maint. personnel trying to get information is not an easy task. Interrupting them while they are working and then trying to get an update is sometimes like going into a lion's den. They can be a different breed. They give little to no info and then to go back to the gate and make an announcement with what they give is not easy. Again, they should have made some announcement but IF it was maint., that is sometimes what happens.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.

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