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Default Extortion when changing return dates

While on vacation in Montreal in August, I had a medical emergency. The retina on my left eye detached itself from the back of the eye. After consulting a retina spceialist, he recommended that I returned home ASAP (I live in California) and get treated there right away. One of the issue with retina detachment treatment is that they inject a inert gaz bubble in your eye. Because of this gaz bubble, you cannot fly and must avoid changement in altitude (pressure changes) at all cost. There fore, the doctor insisted that the best solution would be to go home where I could get the proper care and rest.
Originally, we planned to return home on August 21st. however, this was August 16th, and we wanted to go back the next day. Originally, we paid $1,800 for 3 round-trip tickets to Montreal. Having called Air Canada reservations, they mentionned that they had room on the morning flight to San Francisco on August 17th. that was perfect. however, the fee to change to return date was going to be $470 per ticket, i.e. I would have to pay an additional $1,400!!!! After much complaining, they mentionned the medical emergencies were not seen as special circumstances, only bereavement was. Being in major distress of losing my vision in my left eye and having no other choice, I agreed to pay. I really had no choice, in order to get back to California in time.
The whole trip cost me $3,200 for 3 tickets. I am very outrage and disappointed in Air Canda. A few years before, I was able to change the return date of my tickets a few days before the due return date for $30 a ticket. Now, because the airlines have trouble making money, they take advantage of distressed customers to make some extra money.
It was as if I had to purchased 3 new tickets. The lady on the phone rationalized the decision with some stupid rule. When in distress, rules don't necessarily apply, and you have to show some compassion sometime instead of taking advantage of the situation.
This is my story. The return fligh service has a lot of issues as well, but this is for another time. :evil:
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I had the same problem just now trying to make a simple change to get back a day earlier from Toronto to New york. They wanted to charge me a change fee of $150 PLUS the cost of buying a new ticket one day before the flight - a total of $678! Of course I wasn't about to be fleeced this way so Air Canada is flying empty seats to LGA instead of helping a customer and collecting the still outrageous $150 change fee that I would have paid. they lose, I lose, what could possibly be the reason for a suicidal policy like this??? Thankfully I don't live in Canada so I don't have depend on this ridiculous airline.
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airlines suck when it comes to this. A change fee of say $50 per person is understandable, but charges like that are ridiculous. Hope u are healing and your eye is okay.

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