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COMPLAINT: Our Most Horrible Customer Experience With Etihad Airways [INTR:40983322]

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Old Nov 12, 2016, 8:54 PM
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Below is an email complaint that i've sent to Etihad and have had no reply yet

I am writing to you to share the most horrible customer service Iíve ever had in my life from a lady representative called Rody (a supervisor) who was standing at gate 53, boarding passengers on flight Etihad Airways EY 655 from Abu Dhabi to Cairo at 21:25 on Thursday the 3rd of November 16 in Abu Dhabi Airport.
Me (Haitham Tawfeek) and my Co-worker (Mohamed Sadek) arrived to the gate at 21:10 which we now understand that it was a bit late, however back then we didnít know and this is entirely not the issue.
The issue is that once Rody Saw us, she started shouting at us saying ďWhere have you been? Donít you know that you should be here at least 30 mins before the boarding? Is that your first time to fly on an airplane!?Ē and she said that with a very aggressive tone and she has been literally shouting on us!!

We were completely shocked by the way we were treated and we didnít even know how to respond, what we said to her next was that we are sorry and we didnít really know that we should be there at that time , she then picked-up her phone and called someone to get a car quickly and drive us to the aircraft and it seemed that she was trying to help despite her attitude.
Once she ended the call, she turned back to us and shouted at us again that because of our tardiness, the whole flight was delayed for 2 mins, again we said that we were sorry for this and we told her that she doesnít have to keep shouting and yelling at us, and that was the turning point where Rody flipped and decided to punish us for saying so and she straight away picked up her phone and asked the driver who was supposed to drive us to the aircraft to cancel the whole thing and then she made another call (presumably to a cabin crew) and spoke in a different language so that we canít understand and it was obvious that she was telling them to just leave and we will not be on boarded and to load off our luggage from the aircraft.
And then she placed the phone down and shouted again at us saying ďI am sorry, we canít on board you any more as your luggage has already been off loaded and the whole thing is canceled and that we should go to the Ticket transfer office and thereís nothing that she could do!!!!Ē
At this point we couldnít care less about the flight but all we cared about was the way she kept shouting and yelling to the point that we (as customers) started to calm her down by looking up her name tag and using her name asking her to calm down and take a breathe and again we kept apologizing however that made absolutely no difference and she said ď whatís done is done, and NO there isnít anything that I can do to help youĒ
This is all recorded on the surveillance camera, please go through your records and check for yourself.
We then went to the ticket transfer office (Youssef) who passed us to the other transfer office in the 2nd floor where we asked to speak to a supervisor (Sofyan) and we explained the whole issue for him and then he went inside and returned back to us saying that what we have experienced shouldnít have happened however we should pay for the ticket transfer and try to reserve another seats from the ticketing office which is inside the Airport entrance and we had to leave the passenger area!!!!
We were surprised by the way he handled the complaint telling us that we had to go through the whole process from scratch as if we are new customers but he said that thereís nothing that he could do from his end.
We then took his word, went out of the airport and back in again from the entrance to get to the ticketing office, we asked to speak to another supervisor (Mr Maktoum) to sort this out for us as we donít see it valid that we should pay any extra money to transfer the ticket after having to go through such a horrible experience and when we explained what happened to Maktoum it was very obvious that he knew that Rody had an attitude problem and he even said that he had his share already from Rody and that we were unfortunate that she was in charge of that flight, Maktoum then took our old Boarding passes and have been trying to reach Rody on her mobile and when she answered he moved away from us to talk to her in private. At this point the time was around 22:30 and we were told that the next flight heading to cairo was at 00:40 however Maktoum was still investigating the issue and then 2 gentle men came ( Mr Houssam and another gentle man that canít remember his name) who said that they are the operations managers at the airport and they wanted us to explain the whole thing again so that they could look after it, we re-explained the story for the 4th or 5th time as weíve lost count and then they asked and stressed on my Colleague to repeat Rodyís exact tone of voice and attitude which he did and then they went to the Ticketing office to try to sort it out and went to another office to further investigate they said, afterwards they returned back to us again saying that this shouldnít have happened regarding the way we have been treated and then they took Rodyís side saying that she was trying to help however it was already too late and the luggage was already off loaded the aircraft so there was nothing further that she could do, we then explained to him that she willingly took the decision to call the driver to cancel our ride and then called someone in the cabin crew asking them to off load our luggage and depart however it seemed to have made no difference to them and still they said that thereís nothing further that could be done and that we have to pay for the next trip home, Mr Houssam also added that itís not in his authority to waive the flight charges and not in any oneís authority to do so as he is only responsible for the operations and the ticketing system is being dealt with through the Sales department in which he canít interfere with their operation, we then asked him to direct us to someone in the Sales department who could sort it out as an exception however he still said that no one can.
We were completely frustrated and just wanted to get home so we accepted the fact that we should pay for the next flight and then complain later, at this point we went to the ticket counter at 23:41 to pay the ticket difference (640 AED) and book the next flight leaving at 00:40 and to our surprise the lady on the ticket counter said that itís already too late and that the system for booking for that flight gets closed 1 hour before the flight departure and that AGAIN thereís nothing that could done, again we were shocked by that fact and we went again to Mr Houssam explaining to him that this canít be happening to us and that he should do something especially that all this delay was due to the investigation he was doing and he never highlighted the fact that the clock was ticking and that we had to make that decision at least one hour before the flight departure so that we can secure our seats and AGAIN he said that thereís nothing that he can do and that we will have to book on the next flight which was departing to cairo on the next morning at 9:25!!!!
At this point, we couldnít be more disgusted by the way our issue was treated and with how unprofessional the staff was including the managers and how helpless they were in offering any support. Until this point we havenít received any help of any kind to not only address our problems but to compensate our disastrous experience.
we swallowed the fact that we will have to spend the whole night and sleep over inside the airport however we were not surprised by the fact that even that small mercy wasnít allowed to us as when we tried to check in they said to us that itís not allowed for passengers to get inside the check-in area before at least 4 hours from their departure time. We thought to ourselves that this is completely expected and we wouldnít bother asking anyone else for anything else giving the fact of how our problems have been dealt with over and over.
Due to this, Myself and my coworker had spent that night sleeping outside the airport on a wooden bench feeling completely humiliated and due to this both of us caught a flu due to the cold weather outside the airport and we couldnít go to work until now as we had to call in sick and miss very important business meetings, moreover my colleague had been suffering a severe headache and went to the staff asking for any painkiller who also told that they are unable to help and that he needs to get to the emergency in any hospital, in the morning we went to travel on our booked flight EY653 on the 4th of Nov scheduled to depart at 9:25 that we paid for and we found that it was delayed to 11:00 AM due to a technical problem with the aircraft. No comment this is totally expected from a company such as Etihad airways in the light of what we have seen so far.
I am really sorry for the lengthy e-mail but this canít just go unnoticed easily and we request a full refund for the amount that we paid for this trip (640 AED X 2) which really shouldnít be something that need to ask for, we have used other airlines and we know how it should be to treat customers and even in less catastrophic situations we have been compensated by our full ticket being refunded, we have been offered to sleep over in a hotel due to flight changes and we have even been offered vouchers for free flights as a small apology for situations we have seen which is much less that the horrible experience weíve seen with Etihad airways.
I work as a project manager and my coworker work as a programme manager in Vodafone international services and let me tell you that this horrible experience will go with our Monthly newsletter that gets sent internally to other +20K Vodafone employees inside and outside Egypt so that everyone would consider using your company for travelling.
I will be personally sharing this on all the social media platforms and will create hashtags regarding your company and how they treat their customers like animals, this is also going to the consumer rights at Dubaiís government.
Trust me, I am going to use every tool at my disposal to make sure that words of my horrible experience is spread out and please donít consider this as a threat but only a truthful review and feedback from what I have seen and experienced with your company if this matter was not dealt with properly through this formal escalation e-mail
Again what I require is:
ē A full refund for the flight tickets which myself and my coworker had to pay to get out of this nightmare (640 AED X 2 = 1280 AED)
ē An immediate investigation and a frequent update on what actions did you take with all the stuff members involved and of course on the top of them Rody which has been the main reason behind all the suffering that we had to go through.

Please see the attached documents to aid with the investigation.
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