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Old Jan 12, 2020, 4:24 AM
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Angry Malindo Flight OD 151

This incident took place in the Malindo flight OD 151 on 10th January 2020. The flight was bound to Perth from Kulalumpur. My wife was very sick on that day with dry cough and sore throat. As soon as we boarded the flight I requested a flight attendant to provide my wife a cup of lemon and ginger tea witch was available in the menu. She bluntly answered that I should wait until the food trolley come to my area. So I waited patiently and the food trolley arrived I ordered a cup of leman and ginger tea together with a mini whisky bottled and a can of beer. Total cost RM35/=, and I made a payment RM100/= note. She delivered me the whisky and beer and she went away with the promise of bringing me the leman and ginger tea soon.
This whole episode happened around 10.30 am.
Unfortunately after my meal I was fallen sleep and woke up around 12.30pm. Then my wife complain me that she did not received the ordered cup of tea which I have paid already. It was very sad to mention that my wife was lamenting saying that she gets a ‘blood taste’ in her throat. I was surprised that having paid for tea at 10.30 but it wasn’t served until 12.30pm. Then I pressed the service button to call upon a flight attendant. The calling light was on for 25 minute and nobody cared to respond my call. At this moment I could not bear this suffering any longer and I straight away I walked up to the flight pantry.
Then the flight attendant who took my money from me came to me and I was highly Annaud, my wife told her that she could take up this matter with your higher managment.
Then the flight attendant spoke to us arrogant and sarcastic manner and went on that she was very busy. Also told that she will this matter to her supervisor. I waited some time and went to the toilet which is in the vicinity of pantry, and the same flight attendant gave me a cup of tea to serve my wife. However I refused to do so and I instead for her to deliver the tea to my wife, and the time was 12.50.
By this time my wife was highly desparated and angry over the whole issue and my wife refused to accept the tea, and she promptly took it away.
Then there was another flight attendant nearby and my wife asked the name of that trouble making flight attendant. Then she informed my wife she will send the same flight attendant to her to disclose her name.
A little while later she came and gave her name as “Hyania”, and then my wife asked her supervisor’s name.
After a little while she brought he balance cash and complain form. My wife informed her the flight attendant that she will hand over the complaint direct to the top management of the airline in order to investigate for his allegation.
I strongly believe, this flight attendant tried for me to forget to obtain my balance money, where she could have had fortune on forgotten cash balance once the I disembarked the flight in Perth

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