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Default Boarding Agent closed my flight early left me stranded and humilliated

MEXICO CITY June 18 2017. Flight AA 502
I arrived at the airport Benito Juarez 3 hours early. When I arrived I had my bag sealed in wrap and proceeded to check in. They NEVER have any gate information available, but hey, it's Mexico City, a 3rd world country.
So, I take my bag to the ticket counter and turn it in. The lady says nothing about the gate information, so I follow the signs for international departures.
I go to the general waiting area and watch the monitor for my flight AA 502 to Phoenix.
After about half hour I see it say T1 G1 meaning Terminal 1 Gate 1. So I head down 27 gates. I don't know why it always seems that international flights are always at the very end of the terminal.
Anyway, there is a flight for Cancun leaving from the same gate about 30 minutes before my flight. There were a lot of people waiting and when the Cancun plan arrived and all the peole got off the plane, the gate was deserted.
I got concerned because my plane was supposed to board in half hour for Phoenix. I realized the plane hadn't even arrived but they didn't change the monitor indicating the flight to Phoenix, so I asked the lady at the gate, when they were going to change it. She said there is no flight to Phoenix from here. I told her that I have been sitting here for over an hour and the monitor said gate 1! She said the gate is 35 - at the other end of the airport! I said WHAT??!! I said I only have 25 minutes to get to the other end of the airport, I can't run because of a total hip replacement 3 years ago. Can they please, PLEASE get me one of those little carts that will take me down to that gate. She said we don't have that service here. I said I can't possibly make it that far in 22 minutes! I asked her if she could call that gate and tell them I am on my way, she said she could do that much for me. I told her who I was and she said she would call.
I grabbed my bag and tried to walk run as best as I could. I made it within 10 minutes of the door closing to gate 35. I handed my noparding pass to the agent and said I am here for my flight. He said the flight is closed. I said I am here and I am ON TIME! He said we called for you and you weren't here. I said I was at Gate 1 which is where the monitor said the flight was leaving from! He laughed at me and said WE NEVER LEAVE FROM GATE 1! Where did You see that?! I said it was on the monitor ever since I got here! So I went down there and sat for over an hour until I asked and the lady down there said the gate is NOW gate 35! I asked her to call down here and tell you that I was on my way. She said she would call. He said we never received any call from anyone. I said BUT I AM HERE AND I AM ON TIME!!!
He said we closed the flight and the plane is GONE!!!
He humiliated me in front of the entire gate of people that were standing or sitting waiting for their flight. I said how can you close the flight early?! AND If I was at Gate 1, would I have heard the announcement that you had called me?! He laughed and said No. It only works in this end of the airport for international flights. YOU were in the domestic departures and looked over at a co-worker and smirked. I was soo ******. I said I AM ON TIME AND I AM GETTING ON THIS FLIGHT! I HAVE A PAID CONFIRMED TICKET! I HAVE CHECKED IN AND I AM GETTING ON THIS FLIGHT! The guy raised his voice to me and said THE FLIGHT IS CLOSED! YOU were NOT HERE and we closed the flight early!
He said you have to go back to American Airlines ticket counter and get on the next flight. I gave up. There was NOTHING else I could do. I asked how to get to American Airlines ticket counter. He just aid go to gate 19 and you'll find the exit.
I got my bag and headed for Gate 19. When I got there, all I saw were shops - no exit to the main terminal. I asked a shot person and he said just follow the yellow brick road. I thought how stupid.
I finally got to the main area of security and they wanted to know why I wanted to get out. I told them and I was SO ****** and they said calm down explain what happened. I did and they let me out.
I looked for ANY indication on where to go to get to American Airlines and there was none. After about 5 minutes of walking the WRONG WAY to domestic departures, I turned around and went the other way. I eventually got to American Airlines. I told the lady that I missed my flight. She said very VERY sarcastically, Oh, yes, you're the gentleman that was at Gate 1. I thought how did you know. I said yes I was at Gate 1 like the monitor said. She said laughingly we never leave from gate 1. I said I need to be on the could not run from one end of the airport to the other in 20 minutes,
I contacted American Airlines when I returned. They said sorry for your experience but if you are not at the gate in time you miss the flight the fee is valid.
I wrote the BBB and there was no response from American Airlines. I sought payment of the $282 AND compensation of $200 in cash
(no airline credits) for the humiliation, sarcasm and having problems because of my disability to get from one end of the airport to the other.
I am getting no where with American Airlines!!!
Now I believe $200 compensation plus my $282 is too little for them to pay me.
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Lousy experience.
FID's (Flight Info Display) is maintained by the airport not the airline.
Goofy layout of the airport, lack of electric carts etc is an airport issue, extraneous to your complaint with American.
BBB has zero authority, its a business and a bit of a scam in that people actually think they have some sort of authority when they don't.
Your compensation number is unreasonable. You want your ticket price refunded plus cash compensation, zero chance of that happening. Miles tossed your way with a polite succinct note, otherwise you'll be on ignore. You've already griped publicly once you do that you can expect very little in compensation. With the advent of social media, etc people gripe way too quickly not realizing they've pretty much earned a big fat no in the future by doing so.
compesnsation, humilliation

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