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American Airlines Complaints>Can I get a refund on my flight tickets? (Refusal of Visa)
endycool 10:40 AM Oct 22, 2017
I'm an Argentinian citizen. I was planning to go back from Europe to Argentina. I booked flight tickets which have a connection in the US. A few weeks before the flight departs, a random guy that I was talking to asks me if I have already applied for the visa to enter the US. I thought he was joking since I was gonna be at the airport in NY for less than 3 hours. Why would I need a visa? To my amaze, it turned out that I needed a transit visa C-1. I filled out the forms, paid for it, travelled 7 hours to the embassy for the interview and now, I have just checked online, and my visa has been refused, meaning I won't be able to fly back to Argentina with the current flight tickets I have... so I apparently I have just thrown to the garbage quite a lot of money only because some guys at the embassy didn't believe me that I was actually travelling back to Argentina, despite showing them the tickets and as many proofs as I was able to get....

What I'm wondering now is if it's possible to get any sort of refund on those tickets. They are non-refundable tickets but since I'm not gonna be able to fly for reasons that go beyond my control... wouldn't be possible to get a refund? I can't change the connections because they are American Airlines and so all the flights from Europe to America, make a connection in the US....

Any advice?
Burgers 12:22 PM Oct 24, 2017
unfortunate situation and all international travelers should take note that its incumbent on you the traveler to have appropriate documentation.

you will not get a cash refund however you can get a partial credit which would be good for travel within 1 year. contact reservations.
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