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Old Aug 27, 2009, 4:24 PM
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Here is my last letter to Delta but in summary I got married and changed my name, but accidentally forgot to change my name on my Skymiles account and never got credit for 2 flights flow cross country. $930 spent and 8700 miles owed. I did not save my boarding passes for one of these flights and the other I do not have my emailed itinerary so I am screwed. I have written them 6 times and Continental 6 times but nobody cares! UGH! They screw you any way they can!

This is my 6th letter to write and request credit for past miles I flew with Continental. When I flew both of the below flights I had my Delta Skymiles Account entered to receive the mileage but never received the credit. My Delta Skymiles account was still in my maiden name: Jennifer Reoch and therefore failed to get proper Sky Mileage credit. I was just married in June of 2008 and it took several months to change my name on all my bills, accounts, etc and it seems I missed my Skymiles account and now I am being penalized for it. Since then I provided Delta with the documents to change my name on my Skymiles account and submitted all the paperwork I have for my flights but apparently that is not enough and I keep getting rejected. I am trying to recover 8,720 miles/points and have been dealing with you for 6 months and have not gotten anywhere. I have included 3 of the rejection letters from you, some of which say you never received my documents! Please see Exhibit A, B and C.

Unfortunately I may not have all the paperwork needed to get this credit and I am very upset. I never kept my boarding passes from the flights flown in December to PHX as I didn’t have a need for them. To be honest I am not sure why you would request such paperwork as most people throw that out after the flight! I never knew that either Delta or Continental would need copies of these for mileage type inquires but now I know for the future to SAVE EVERYTHING. Also, after speaking with a Delta representative today, she said most people don’t know they need to save their boarding passes and unfortunately most of them learn the hard way when they are in a situation like this! So you are clearly taking advantage of customers like me who made a simple mistake and all of this could have been avoided if I in fact changed my name on my account! I would never have to recover boarding passes and such and now have this headache of a problem!

I have also contacted Continental directly to see if I can get the credit with them on my OnePass account but they cannot honor that because it shows I “received credit” with Delta as per there system, which is not true. Continental cannot release the points to me unless Delta says I did not get credit. A Skymiles statement is not enough, apparently you have to purge it from your system. After speaking with a Delta Customer Service Rep. today, she said there is no way to do that so again I am without my miles and VERY UNHAPPY!

I have attached everything I could find so please consider what I am sending you and the fact that this was all a mix up due to an unchanged last name on my Skymiles account. I didn’t realize that one mistake would cost me 8,720 points. I paid over $930 for these flights and feel I should get the mileage for them. I fly frequently with Continental and Delta and am always happy with your service and think you will do the right thing and award me the miles I earned without charging me for it. If you are unable to resolve this I ask that you forward this to a supervisor. If anything, I am willing to accept at least half of the points owed to me. I think we can come to a mutual agreement here.
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Old Aug 27, 2009, 4:54 PM
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I'm sure you're not the first person who was affected by a name change due to a change of marital status. In any or all of your correspondence have you included a copy of your marriage certificate proving the name change? Also if you are missing a confirmation for one of your flights Continental will, for a fee, issue a copy.
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Old Aug 28, 2009, 2:10 AM
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Its not a penalty, but the consequences of your action, or lack of action. Delta is not taking advantage of people like you who make mistakes, but are holding them to the terms of their contract. How did you pay for these tickets? Is there anything on your credit card statements, bank statements, receipts from airports, anything that would further indicate the you - not someone else - flew. The marriage certificate idea of PHX Flyer is good.
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