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Angry Malaysian Airlines Screwing me over

I have not had any response to this email sent way over a week ago
***********Email Start **********************

To Malaysian Airlines,
I had booked three tickets for
1. XXX: Flight Centre Business travel Sydney
a. Sydney  (Air China) Beijing: 16/11/2014, CA174
b. Beijing (Malaysia Airlines)  Bangalore: 22/11/2014 MH 361, MH104
c. (Malaysia Airlines)Bangalore -- > Sydney (Malaysia Airlines):
23/11/2014 MH193, MH141
2. XXX: Flight Centre North Sydney
a. (Malaysia Airlines)Bangalore -- > Sydney (Malaysia Airlines): 23/11/2014 MH193, MH141
3. XXX: Flight Centre North Sydney
a. (Malaysia Airlines)Bangalore -- > Sydney (Malaysia Airlines): 23/11/2014 MH193, MH141

On the 22/11/2014 we managed to get to the Bengaluru international airport at 23.10 pm where the Army Personal at the airport conveyed that only two tickets (Myself and father) are in the manifest and the third (Mom ) isn’t available in the list and were redirected to Air India ground staff to confirm.
23.15 – 23.20: In the queue waiting for someone to attend us
23.20 -- 24:00: The staff trying to find the booking (Attached is the email confirmation of the call ticket “Electronic Ticket Receipt” Eticket number 2326569233241). . I had the print out with me confirming the same.
The staff also advised us that we cannot travel and that Malaysian airlines ground staff have already left and flights about to take off. We were grounded/embarrassed frustrated and angry for the mix up. I was travelling with a 59 and a 54 year old personnel who have never flown outside India let alone a plane before. The staff advised us to leave the third passenger and board the flight which shows no empathy and lack of awareness.
Part 1
24.00 – 00:10: Called Malaysian airlines to cancel the booking for the two of the confirmed tickets so I could rebook the flights for the next day.
02:00 – 04:00: Call with Flight Centre emergency team who helped me to rebook that tickets and advised that there is a rebooking fees of 740$ Odd . When highlighted they the whole circumstance they said they will speak to Malaysia airlines staff and get back to me.
04:15: Call back from flight Centre saying there has been a mix up and they will incur the costs and rebooked all three flights for the next day (Email to be provided on request)
06:30: I had no sleep trying to get to the bottom of this and haven’t received the email to confirm the same. Called flight centre to confirm and then I finally receive the confirmed tickets..
At this stage I checked-in my parent’s flights and could not check-in my flight.
10:00: Call with Malaysian Airlines: Confirming why I wasn’t able to check in. They advised that I had a special meal ordered so I wasn’t able to check in and that the airport staff will be able to it if you arrive at the airport. When conveyed to cancel the meal and requested the personnel to check-in the call gets disconnected.
All this stage my phone turned off as the bills were exceeding 400$(Roaming ) in total.

Part 2
20:30 arrive Bengaluru international Airport, the army staff stopped us saying they could not find my name in the manifest.
20:40 I sent my parents in and spoke to speak to Air India Ground Staff who advised the same thing as before that they could not find my booking in manifest. I had the print out with me confirming the same (email provided on request). At this stage I was exhausted from the ordeal with lack of sleep and any kind of remorse from the airport staff to show any help in assisting us.
21:20 they found my booking
21:55: After an hour and a half wait they finally printed my boarding pass and let me in. At this stage my parents were traumatized with fear of flying alone to a country they have never been before. One of them is a heart patient suffering from multiple heart attacks prior. I had to console them and calm the situation down and tried to check in.
22:00: Another staff while in the queue grabbed the boarding pass from us saying this was not supposed to be with you.
22:05 – 22:20: Now the staff could not find my booking from KL to Sydney and it took us about 15 mins to check in.
22:25: Spoke to Malaysian Airlines staff Mr XXX and YYY who advised us to write an email outlining the problem.
24:20: Flight boarded and took off on time (No Hindu pre booked meal provided where the staff offered Non-vegetarian meals to my parents who have vegetarian on that day without any options given)

I would like to know who is at fault for this mishap and for all the commotion. Once it is identified I would like a considerable compensation.
1. An apology letter
2. Reimburse all our flights
3. Compensate for the travel back and forth
4. Any phone/internet roaming bills
5. One days accommodation
If you have any concerns please call me back on +61 (0) 401932818.

Note: All emails and names regarding the correspondence to be provided on request.

***********Email Start **********************

Someone please help me bring to just all the embarrassment and also a honest opinion of what the problem was.
#flyinghing, #malaysiaairlines

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