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Angry Ms.

My husband and son had a trip scheduled on USAir in Feb 2014. It was a college visiting trip. Here is the trip overview.

2/13 LGA – Charlotte – Atlanta on UsAir
2/16 Atlanta – DFW – New Orleans on American
2/17 New Orleans – Charlotte – LGA on UsAir

Here are the pertinent details:

2/13 LGA – Charlotte – Atlanta
Paid for with a credit card
Flight was cancelled due to an enormous snowstorm in the Northeast. They couldn’t rebook them to leave until 2/16.
Completely refunded.

2/16 Atlanta – DFW – New Orleans
Paid for with a credit card, booked at same time as 2/13 flight, same record locators and ticket numbers as 2/13 flights
Cancelled at the same time the 2/13 flight was cancelled by the agent who called to tell us the 2/13 flight was cancelled.
Completely refunded.

2/17 New Orleans – Charlotte – LGA
Paid for with Chase credit card miles (137,000) and a credit card payment of $339.43 to make up the difference.
Cancelled at the same time the 2/13 flight was cancelled.

When I followed up with Chase about the refund for the 2/17 flight, I learned that there would be a $200 per person change fee, that only my son and husband could use the “credit” and that all travel had to be completed within 1 year of the cancellation. If they only used a portion of the 137,000 miles the rest would be forfeited.

I called American and was told to submit my refund request for that last leg through the aa website which I did in Feb 2014. I heard nothing for 2 months and called Chase for their assistance with the matter on April 1, 2014.

After much discussion I was escalated over to a higher level Chase Customer Service team on 4/10/2014. They approached USAir and told me USAir will not budge because the last leg of the ticket was purchased separately. (Irrelevant.) Chase further escalated and refunded us the $339.43 paid for part of the 2/17 flight and agreed to “eat” the $200 per person change fee. Beyond that they could not help.

I pursued USAir again and was told to call a More Care center. They told me to go to the website and submit a complaint and refund request on there. I did that and heard nothing for another couple months.

On 8/23/14 I sent a certified letter to Doug Parker explaining our situation. I received the delivery receipt and heard nothing.

I found a phone number for American Customer Service, left a message in early September. 9/15/14 I got a call back telling me I had received a refund back in February (she was referring to the first two legs of the trip) and the case was closed. I called again and left a message explaining that that was not the part of the trip I was referring to and what part I WAS referring to. Heard nothing back.

On 11/24/14 I found an AA Customer Care number, left a message briefly explaining the situation. I got a call on my cell phone on 11/25 and I couldn’t answer the phone. The representative left a message telling me that I couldn’t call her back but I should feel free to go to the website.

On 12/5/14 I left another message for Customer Care. Nothing back.

Then I found a place on the AA website to submit a complaint and did so in early January 2015. On January 30 2015 I received a response and was delirious with joy:

January 30, 2015

Dear Ms. _______:

We've received your request for a refund and have forwarded it to personnel in our accounting office. They are the specialists who review such requests. They will do so and be in touch with you directly.
In the meantime, should you need to contact them, the address is:
American Airlines
Passenger Refunds
4000 E Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix , AZ 85034
Fax : 1-800-892-3447 or 480-693-2759
Thank you for your patience while your refund request is being reviewed.


Moriah Argo
Customer Relations
American Airlines
AA Ref#1-2833550494

On 2/26/2015 having heard nothing I tried to email back but the email address does not accept emails. So I faxed their own letter back to them with a note on it asking for their immediate attention to the matter. Here is what I got back, interestingly enough from USAir on 3/3/2015:

Dear Ms. _______:

Thank you for contacting the Passenger Refunds Department.
RE: 0377332778197/0377332778199

I am sorry to learn that travel could not be completed as originally scheduled.

The ticket purchased is non-refundable so we cannot offer a refund, issue a travel voucher, or transfer this ticket to another person.

I reviewed your request regarding the above referenced tickets. The tickets were issued on 2/5/2014. In order to retain the value they needed to be used prior to 2/5/2015. As the tickets are now expired, all residual value has been lost and is no longer available for use. Please accept our sincere apology for any possible misunderstanding concerning your purchase.

Our records indicate that this information was conveyed to you on 4/3/2014 when you called to request a refund at that time. As your outbound travel was booked on separate ticket numbers, cancelation of one does not automatically cancel the other. We apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred regarding the cancelation of nonrefundable tickets.


Matthew Figueroa
US Airways Passenger Refunds

Case: US-15_______-D76H03

I replied to the email asking to be called to discuss the matter and have heard nothing.

I have spent hours and hours on this situation and in the meantime family members have taken flights for which the 137,000 miles would have been a real help. This is so wrong and I will not stop publicizing the situation until it is resolved. The resolution is that our full 137,000 points are restored to our credit card. There also needs to be some kind of compensation for the lost time I have had to spend on this rather than on my business, the aggravation and that we have had to spend money on several trips rather than use points. That money was earmarked for other things.
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