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I have had over a year now of back and forth and still nothing that is acceptable. They have offered me not even enough airmiles to do anything with or a space available upgrade, both mean risking my money to have such poor service again - how stupid do they think I am??? It quite often would take them over six weeks to reply to my emails as well. This is my original complaint.

Re: Flight from London to Vegas/San Fransisco
Date: 19 June 2010/3rd July
Flight number: VS043/VS20
Booking reference: ERBWG9

I booked four tickets on the above flights for myself, my husband and our two closest friends; my husband and I were renewing our wedding vows in Vegas so this was a very special trip. This was the first time I have used Virgin, which I did so on recommendation, my preferred provider is usually KLM who have never given me cause to frown let alone write a complaint.

For the ten and a half hour flight I had no television. There were no spare DVD players as there were over 20 sets broken on that flight; I couldn't swap with my husband as his was broken too. This is the sort of issue that the attendants should be aware of prior to passengers getting on the plane and if over 20 sets were out then how often is the plane maintained?

When meal came out my husband asked for a beer and he was told they had run out, this was 2 hours into the flight. All alcohol had run out five hours into the flight. The flight attendants were happily throwing alcohol to the stag party on board but forgetting that sensible drinkers may not wish to drink the beer dry in 2 hours and may wish to spread a few drinks out over the flight.

I am not going to mention the food because I would feel sick again if I thought back to it. All I will say is that I did not know you could burn plane food.

I felt ill towards the end of the flight, as my husband and the person next to him were asleep I rang the call bell so I could get a glass of water. Half an hour later and no sign of anyone I could even verbally call to I gave up and woke the people up so they could move. Just as well it wasn't a medical emergency as no one was paying attention.

This was an awful start to my special holiday, I did speak to an attendant and he said he would log my complaints. It's not often I cry but this was such an important holiday and the flight just started it off all wrong.

I hoped this was a one off and just bad luck until the trip home came.

San Fransisco - London: Can you believe it no working TV screen again!!!!! - Me and my husband. We were not the only ones but luckily there were spare seats on the plane so I could move. But that meant sitting on my own away from my husband on the way home from our second honeymoon.

My low fat meal that I pre ordered did not show, what did arrive was no better than the outward flight. I am also still trying to get my head around what exactly breakfast was supposed to be.

Where I was sat was face to face with one of the attendants seats, manners are something Virgin obviously don't look for when employing staff, one thing that was really nasty was how often I could count his fillings when he kept yawning without covering his mouth. I also had to listen to details of his hedonistic lifestyle whilst he was on the planes phone to another attendant on the lower deck. Another attendant did make a comment when I mentioned about the TV screen and he said that the plane was run down and needed a break as she was worked so hard - there is nothing I can really add the that comment.

Virgin started my special trip off badly and finished it badly, I spent over 2000 on flights and what a waste.

I would like to hear why you feel it acceptable to offer this type of service and when I go to the US/long haul next I cannot see why it should be with Virgin (I go twice/3 times a year). I will also be correcting the people who recomended you to me and let them see the other side of Virgin.

I look forward to hearing from you in the immediate future,

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