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bodyforlife 2:03 AM Jul 5, 2012
I was on a flight last Tuesday leaving Las Vegas at 8:40pm and arriving at San Francisco at 10:10. We arrived about 10 minutes early and were told that there was a plane in the gate we were supposed to deplane at (the pilot said it wouldn't be more than 15 minutes). We ended up sitting on the tarmac for 50 minutes. The flight attendants and pilot basically kept their heads down as we left the plane (as did the woman at the desk as we entered the terminal....I assumed they didn't want to make eye contact with all the disgruntled customers). I sent in a complaint (which they claim they answer within 72 hours). Got the reply on Saturday and it was the typical form letter (always find those so insulting...it may be efficient for them but to me, it sends a message that they don't give a damn about their customers since they can't send a personal response). Nothing was offered for the inconvenience.
Gromit801 3:25 PM Jul 5, 2012
So you suffered a very minor inconvenience for 50 minutes. 50 whole huge minutes. Did you miss a connection? Then I would say yes, you deserve some sort of compensation if VA didn't get you rebooked.

Perhaps the aircraft at the gate had a mechanical, maybe a tire change and couldn't be moved right away. Passengers don't have a "right" to know the issue.

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam for an hour? Did you demand compensation for whomever caused the traffic jam? After all, yo paid a fee for your registration and driver's license, and your taxes paid for the road. But someone kept you from enjoying that right you paid for.

You have to take those little curve balls life throws at you. They happen regardless of how well anything gets planned.
bodyforlife 3:54 PM Jul 5, 2012
You're entitled to your opinion. I'm expressing mine on a site for Airline Complaints (which is what it's intended for). Thanks.
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