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Default Poor treatment of Military

My husband and I booked airline tickets thru Delta on 1-7-10 for a trip to Las Vegas. On January 14th he received notice that in less than 24hrs he would be leaving for Haiti to assist on the USNS Comfort. I wrote Delta 3 times asking to PLEASE waive the change fee so we could use our tickets when he returns. The tickets were $200 each and the change fee is $150 each. At least waiving the change fee for his ticket would have been nice!Here is part of the answer I received:
During the booking process on delta.com, you can review the rules and
restrictions associated with the selected itinerary by clicking on View
Fare Rules (located below each itinerary). It is important that you take
a moment to review these rules in order to fully understand the type of
fare you are purchasing. By purchasing an airline ticket, you are also
agreeing to all the applicable rules and restrictions.
I just think we could have received a little more consideration.
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Tens of thousands of people killed by a natural disaster... but for Delta, that's not a human tragedy, it's a revenue opportunity.
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It would seem most airlines are pretty cooperative when it comes to helping those helping others. I would think if your husband has the right documentation, Delta would waive any and all fees. I'd say call again, talk to someone higher up, or send an email attaching a copy of your husband's documentation as proof that everything is on the up and up.

if that doesn't work, then I'll join Jim in saying "Delta Sucks".
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first of all i'm very sorry you've encountered such unhelpful agents. my brother is in the military and this is not normal of Delta to act this way towards active duty military. if you called reservations and they were unhelpful they should have been much more helpful. I used to work in Delta Reservations. they have a First Call Resolution guideline that allows for the waiver of the change fee, although difference in fare will apply when you rebook the ticket. I would try calling again, or if you just send me a private message i will be happy to document your tickets. I will need the ticket numbers that start with 006 or 012 they are 13 digits long. the agent you talk to on the phone or myself will need the name of your husbands commanding officer and their phone number to document the ticket. as well as when you use the tickets you will need to present a copy of the orders that prevented you from traveling when you check in at the airport. (and no i don't work for delta corporate offices i work in an airport i just read these boards for entertainment and occasionally try to help out a fellow traveler)
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Are you sure you work for Delta WK? Did their induction training, teaching you how to be unresponsive, rude and threatening towards passengers not work?
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yes Jim, I'm sure I work for Delta....i was sick the day they had that class in training i guess?
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well i for one believe that delta does a great job.......at messing it all up when it comes to military personel...as well as other things

i had a neighbor who's son is in the army and he flew with delta and so did many others who were flying down to texas for training before going away, and when they got to the airport Delta said that they were unable to get them all on the flight, and that some will have to fly standby, they overbooked the flight......not only that, when they arrived in texas some of their belongings didn't make it

and they were telling us that many army personell have encountered many of the same problems and that if they have to change or cancel the flight than it seems that they have to jump through holes to get anywhere
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so i'm curious if the OP called Delta and what the outcome might have been *shrugs*

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