COMPLAINT: Qantas negligence and horrible customer service!

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I recently traveled to Melbourne, Australia via Qantas airlines. The flight originally departed from ATL airport on 28 February 2009 to STL (American Airlines 5558), then from STL to LAX (QF 3149), and finally from LAX to MEL (QF 94). The flights associated with the departure were adequate, as a passenger, and the staff was helpful. However, a serious problem arose on the return flights from Melbourne, in particular the connecting flight in Sydney via Qantas airlines. On 8 March 2009 I departed Melbourne at 11:30am to arrive in Sydney at 12:55 (QF 428). This flight was successful and on time. At 2:35pm, Flight # QF73 was supposed to depart and arrive at SFO at 10:05am but there was a delay. After sitting on the airplane, at the gate, for an hour, the captain stated that the airplane was being refueled. Twenty minutes later, the captain stated that a different Qantas aircraft that was supposed to go to LAX was incapable of flying and some of those passengers from that flight would have to join our flight to SFO. Apparently, the Boeing 757 was substituted with a 747 so there were approximately an excess of 100 passengers that were supposed to join our flight (QF 73). At the time, this was not a problem because the flight crew stated that the airplane would be fueled with extra fuel (allowing the airplane to fly faster and necessary with the additional weight) and that we would still arrive on-time at SFO, despite the hour delay. After an hour and a half passed there was a lot of uncertainty amongst the flight crew, about the situation and what was happening. The crew stated that the flight (QF 73) was waiting for the other passengers, their luggage, extra food, and extra fuel before we could depart. So after two-three hours of waiting in a hot aircraft at the gate, the other passengers finally joined. Throughout the flight we were given no information regarding connecting flights in the United States and what would happen once we arrived. Overall the experience was chaotic and there was a lack of knowledge amongst the staff, in which was clearly evident. So the flight (QF 73) finally arrived at SFO at 12:20pm. This posed a huge problem for me and other passengers because we all had connecting flights and most people missed their connecting flights, due to the negligence amongst the Qantas staff. The Qantas staff was not helpful at all and they were very disrespectful. When we arrived at the airport, the staff stated that they did not know much about the connecting flights and that the passengers would have to rebook their flights at the Qantas help/service desk by immigration after the luggage was picked up. There were 6 Qantas people assisting in the rebooking process, yet there were 200+ passengers that required attention, so it took me three full hours until I could speak to a Qantas representative. After waiting in line for three hours total, at the Qantas rebooking desk, I was handed a sheet that said I was rebooked on Flight DL 1074 at 11:00pm. Keep in mind that the prior flight that I had was DL 1068 and it departed at 11:45am and arrive in ATL at 7:21pm. I ended up missing this fight because the Qantas flight from Sydney (that was delayed for 3 hours) did not arrive to SFO until 12:20pm. The new flight that was given to me did not arrive in ATL till 6:26am the following day (March 9th). This posed an even bigger problem to me, considering I had an exam at university at 7am. Once I talked to the staff at the help desk, they stated that there were no flights (around the nation) at all going to Atlanta that had any seats. I found this extremely hard to believe, considering Atlanta is a massive airport that has thousands of domestic flights going into it every day. The representative then stated that I had no other options and the earliest that I could get to Atlanta was 6:26am the following day, on the new flight. After being let down by Qantas’s inadequate staff and Qantas airlines, the Qantas representative stated that I could get a hotel room, complimentary of Qantas and nothing else could be done. The representative also suggested that he could put me in business class but the flight would not arrive until night time the following day. I was appalled by this statement because I could care less about a hotel or business class, I just needed to get home for my exam before 9 March 2009.The hotel room was booked and I waited in the hotel for approximately nine hours to catch the next flight. The representative also stated that I should contact Qantas customer care to address my issues. He also gave me a Qantas complimentary phone card. I tried to call Qantas customer care, but the phone card only had 10 minutes on it, so it was pointless trying to resolve my issues on the phone. After returning to the airport for the new rebooked flight via Delta airlines, I was further disappointed. When I approached the Delta agent, she stated that the ticket on flight DL 1074 had not been booked/modified through Qantas and that only my previous reservation was in the system. She then advised me to use a courtesy phone and call Qantas, in which I did. After I did this, the Qantas representative told me to return to the Delta counter and state that the Qantas lady “fit the ticket for involuntary exchange”. After returning to the Delta counter for the second time, the Delta employee stated that there was still no change in the system. She then picked up the phone and called Qantas directly. Nevertheless, Qantas had made numerous mistakes again. The Delta representative said that Qantas would have to deliver the ticket and form (necessary for flight change) directly, and I had to wait another twenty minutes. Finally the Qantas lady came with the ticket and all problems were then solved. However, there was no seat assignment listed on the ticket. When I went to get a seat assignment, the Delta agent apologized and stated that he only had a center seat available. This was disappointing because I specifically booked a window seat on my prior flight, in which Qantas made me miss, due to a lack of planning and poor decision making. The Qantas representative stated that the situation was a rare occasion and events like this do typically not happen. He then further explained that I should seek further compensation via Qantas customer care. To summarize the whole situation, I missed my flight to Atlanta due to Qantas’s negligent decision making behaviors and ended up missing my midterm exam at university. Now I must pay approximately six dollars and retake the class next semester. There was plenty of leeway time to accommodate for travel problems, customs, and so forth, however Qantas airlines managed to derail all original plans by making their own decisions to wait three hours in Sydney for extra passengers. I have never seen such confusion, lack of consideration, and total chaos associated with a widely known airline company before. Let me stress once again that I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Qantas airlines. I would hate to part ways with Qantas and avoid travel with Qantas airlines, but due to the recent situations that arose; this may be the only option, unless further compensation is initiated. Most airlines compensate with a roundtrip ticket at a minimum to gain passenger’s trust and business, however Qantas has done nothing so far. I am currently a student at a university studying business and I have been trained to identify poor business structure, in which I truly believe Qantas airlines possesses. My expedition, from America to Australia and back, turned from a vacation to a never-ending nightmare due to Qantas’s negligence. I have attempted to contact Qantas airlines numerous times via their customer service department (listed online) however I have yet to receive a response.
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Old Dec 26, 2010, 3:50 PM
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Qantas is totally hopeless and possibly one of the worst organisations on the planet. What's worse they both lie and swindle. Don't support this truly aweful company.
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