Baggage Problems

Had any problems with your baggage on Continental Airlines?

Baggage Problems
Continentals lack of respect for it's customers belongings!!!

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Old Jan 1, 2011, 11:57 PM
bostonliving bostonliving is offline
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After dealing with a huge ordeal to get on a return flight from Newark NJ to Boston MA I landed only to not find my baggage going around on the carousel or sitting by the unattended wall of luggage already pulled off the carousel ( there was nobody there checking baggage claim tickets and the section wasnt even roped off). I go to the Continental counter to explain that i couldn't locate my luggage and was told that it had arrived at Logan airport on an earlier flight. No one from Continental informed me of this decision or I would have made sure if went on the flight I was on. He also told me that it could've potentially been stolen because they had been having a problem with homeless people stealing/trying to steal luggage over the past few days. I mentioned this probably wasn't the best thing to say to me since I was already questioning the competency of this airline because of the issues I've experienced with them and their employees over the past few days. All he could say was I'm just trying to be honest with you. My problem with Continental is that if they knew of these issues they a) should have noticed when they scanned my bag and put it next to the unattended wall that I was on a later flight and put it into the office they have right next to the carousel to keep it safe because they shouldn't be asking to much!!! b) had extra security at the baggage terminals because of the issues they had been having or c) had a roped off secure section that was manned by a continental employee checking tickets before people are aloud to walk away with bag that may not be theirs!!!! None of these things seem to be unreasonable to ask for since we are supposed to trust that the airlines will properly care for our items in a respectful manner but instead it seems that they do not care what happens to them after the plane lands or they would take more precautions at baggage claim areas.
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Old Jan 4, 2011, 4:15 AM
simonraymer simonraymer is offline
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My luggage has been lost SINCE 24TH December 2010. I already completed my travel schedule and back in New Zealand now.

That means I traveled without having my luggage throughout the holiday travel. Never use Newark Airport and Continental Airlines. Never and never
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Old Jan 28, 2011, 12:16 AM
investigativeguy investigativeguy is offline
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You have to file a timely claim with all the lost items listed.The law allows you up to #3300 in damages
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