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Angry Nightmare in Charlotte: AA2044

On April 2nd, I was trying to arrive to Miami International as I needed urgently to flight to Lima, Peru with another airline connection, which I will compliant too.
AA2044 was delayed from Charlotte, NC airport for about 6 hours with no clear explanations and I couldn't get my connection so I had to call the other airline in order to inform about this delay and see what I could do. When I asked the crew about this delay they didn't see to know clearly what was happening and when I told that I had a connection to catch, they only said that I should make a written complaint to AA. By that time I had to call the other airline to tell them that I was going to miss the flight and the call center operator just told me to change my reservation. So, I did and had to accept to be charged for this even when I clearly explained that it wasn't my fault, that I was been delayed for another airline.
Passengers with connections finally had the chance to get out of the plane and talk to the AA counter and I asked for a changing of flight because they said that the plane couldn't depart due to a piece that needed to be replaced and that technically we could flight but there were some forms to complete in order to get the authorization.
The counter person in charge told me that the other airline was not supposed to charge me for this, she tried to help me calling them and explaining the situation but the other airline denied the refund even when they belong to the same airlines group: OneWorld.
Actually, the other passengers that were there asking for their connections didn't have any problems of additional charges. This was my first delay experience and I just tried to do what is supposed to be correct, but apparently I didn't. American Airlines gave me another ticket to fly to Miami the day after and also lodging at a local hotel.
Early next morning, I received a mail notification saying that the flight was delayed again. I went to the airport and they delayed it again saying the same excuse: "the piece that needed to be replaced". I was in shock because I was going to change my connection again.
Some days after, when I came back to US, I wrote a complaint to AA and they replied apologizing and giving me a $200 coupon to fly again with them within one year. Maybe because I am a frequent flyer but actually I really feel disappointed and I wouldn't like to fly again with AA as I have heard a lot of complaints about the airline lately.
I don't know if they are again in really bad financial troubles but I just wanted to say that I had to get another AA plane to get to Miami that made a stop in Tampa and it wasn't delayed and some AA pilots were there as passengers. My question is if, are just those flights that carries their own pilots not delayed or was it just a coincidence?
american airlines, charges, delays, frequent flyer complaints

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