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Default Nightmare on Malaysia Airlines (please read and beware)

I would like to share my experience on Malaysia Airlines. I have flown many airlines and this is by far the WORST I've ever encountered.

This is an extract of my feedback to Malaysia Airlines that was sent 5 weeks ago and from which, surprise surprise, I have received NO response.*

Please think twice, thrice, a billion times, before deciding to fly with them.*

Perhaps you have flown with them and have not encountered any issues (Lucky you, judging by the number of consumer complaints I have come across both on their Facebook page and other websites on how unreliable and irresponsible they are), but you can be sure that if there were any glitches/ delays/ issues, you would be treated with the utmost disrespect and unfairness.

My feedback is long because it is impossible to condense my nightmare into a few paragraphs, but please read on and spread the word.*

My husband and I booked the following outbound flights from Singapore to Osaka:
(a) *Singapore Changi Airport (18 Dec 2013, 21:20) to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (18 Dec 2013, 22:20) on MH610; and
(b) *Kuala Lumpur International Airport (18 Dec 2013, 23:50) to Osaka Kansai International Airport (19 Dec 2013, 06:50) on MH52.

Timeline of events:

1. * *We were informed at the time of boarding our flight from Singapore to KL at 9pm that the flight would be delayed until around midnight, supposedly due to bad weather. *This was hard to understand as other flights from Singapore / to KL did not seem to be facing similar issues.
2. * *Your staff informed the passengers at around 9.15pm that all our connecting flights at KL, except those to Seoul and Tokyo, would wait for us. This was the first untruth you told us.
3. * *We subsequently learned from the other passengers that meal vouchers were only given to passengers who requested for it, despite the eventual 4-hour delay. We do not think such unequal treatment to passengers was warranted. *Why do we need to ask before we are given something this basic that many other airlines would take the initiative to offer to all?
4. * *We were called to the boarding gate at around 12am only to wait for more than an hour without being given any further updates or reassurances on our flight. *We had to do all the asking and probing when clearly your staff would be in a better position to let us know what was going on.
5. * *It was then that passengers who enquired about their connecting flights from KL to Europe were told that all flights to Europe had left without them. This was contrary to what was promised earlier that night.
6. * *Naturally, these passengers were concerned about their next steps given that their travel plans would be disrupted for an entire day. *There were tears and worried faces but passengers were shockingly only met with hostile staff who gave curt, beyond rude, responses along the lines of “Look at this face. There’s nothing I can do for you.”/ “What else do you want me to do aside from telling you that your connecting flight has left?”/ “You’ll just have to wait for the next flight in KL”. *We were even told that the staff were "just taking instructions". *Isn’t each staff a face of the company? What an ugly representation of the company we were presented with.
7. * *This was the consistently poor attitude we would experience from every one of your staff that we encountered in both Singapore and KL in the course of that long night.
8. * *Separately, it is baffling why there were no attempts after the delay of the European flights was known to put these passengers on other flights from Singapore to their final destinations, instead of shipping everyone to KL to wait a full day more. Clearly, you would be fully aware of your limited departure timings, with your airline flying only once a day to many key locations. *You should also know that there would be more flight timings available on other airlines departing from Singapore than KL. *At the very least, these passengers could be put up in hotels in Singapore rather than be made to fly to KL in the middle of the night just to be put up in a hotel there. *We do not think we are misguided to assume that this was a case of cost savings over customers’ welfare.
9. * *Passengers catching the connecting flight to Osaka, including my husband, also sought confirmation right before boarding the plane to KL at 1am that our flight would still be waiting for us in KL. *We were all informed that it would. *This turned out to be another untruth.
10. *We finally flew past 1am, reaching KL at around 2.15am. *We were all exhausted and traumatized, with many passengers having to tend to their young children and one passenger even requiring medical attention on the flight. *All we wanted was to put this painful experience behind us, get on our connecting flights and forget we ever chose to fly with you, but this was only just the beginning.
11. *After getting off the plane in KL, we noticed there was only staff holding signage to receive passengers flying to Pudong. What about the rest of us? We were given no instructions or directions on where to head next. We had to orientate ourselves in the dead quiet airport and scramble like headless chickens to find the boarding gate for our next flight, which we were believed would still be waiting for us based on your earlier promises.
12. *Passengers flying to Osaka noted that the departure screen still showed the boarding gate for our connecting flight. *We rushed to take the aerotrain to the boarding gate, only to be greeted by an empty boarding gate and our plane having flown off without us. There was not a single soul there waiting to guide us.
13. *We had to then take the aerotrain back to the transfer area to look for your staff. Why are we always the ones looking for you to beg for information and directions?
14. *In our shocked state, we located the Duty Manager, Mr Rajendran. Again, all we received were unsympathetic responses and blank stares from him. *And all we heard were excuses of how you could not appease the other passengers on the Osaka flight so the plane had to fly off without us. He also insisted that the staff in Malaysia had updated the staff in Singapore of the respective connecting flight situations in KL, and it was the Singapore staff who had not updated the passengers. *Are staff in Singapore, Malaysia or anywhere else in the world not all staff of Malaysia Airlines? *Why is there a need to exhibit such unprofessional finger pointing within a company? The whole incident was simply another example of your poor management of passengers and flights.*
15. *For all that we went through, we were only offered cursory meal vouchers, one night’s accommodation in a rural part of KL with no surrounding activities or sights, and alternative flight arrangements at much later timings.
16. *And it does not stop here. *After my husband and I chose to take up your hotel offer, we were told to retrieve our baggage before heading to a meeting point for transport to the hotel. We reached the baggage retrieval area hoping to collect our luggage, only to be met by a staff who was not expecting us at all. *We were then told in a chiding tone that there had been no request made for our baggage to be transferred to the retrieval area and it would at a minimum take an additional hour for our baggage to arrive. This was at 4am, and we had not slept all night. It is appaling how poor the coordination is among your staff. Are we expected to pre-empt everything when we are not familiar with your internal processes? If you do not guide us, who else can?
17. *In the end, we had to leave the baggage retrieval area empty-handed. *We rushed to the meeting point only to be told that the hotel transport had left without us. And so, we were further delayed again as we waited for additional transport to be arranged to take us to the hotel. It is perplexing why your staff did not think to ensure that all guests were accounted for before the transport left the airport.
18. *After sleeping and spending the entire day in the hotel in the very clothes we had worn to the airport the night before, we were ferried by bus back to the airport. *The bus was late in picking us up from the hotel. *Such delays almost no longer surprised us, given your tardy track record.*
19. *We got on the flight to Osaka on the night of 19 Dec 2013, 24 hours after we were supposed to fly, only to have to wait again. *This time we were made to wait in a stuffy plane with no air conditioning, apparently due to a technical fault. *We were informed we would have to wait a further 20 minutes for the arrival of passengers from Singapore who were also delayed. *It felt like a repeat of the previous night’s events.
20. *Further delay ensued, before we were informed that the staff had received the wrong information and the Osaka flight would not be waiting for the passengers on the Singapore-KL flight after all. *And again, another batch of passengers would end up missing their flight. *It is so disturbing to realize that delays seem more the norm than an exception.

This is not just a complaint about a flight delay. We are seasoned travelers; *We accept that flight delays do happen and we have experienced our share of them. This is a complaint about how the delay was mishandled in every possible way. *This is about the nightmare of a customer experience we were put through that went beyond our imagination.

We have never been given such blatant empty promises and made to rush for a plane that has already flown off. We have never been delayed for so long and made to fly to another country in the middle of the night just to be stranded in that country for an entire day. Even if you make more excuses and insist there were exigencies you could not have predicted or avoided, we have never been treated with such disrespect and shown such disregard by any other airline. *We have never seen such absence of efforts to care for customers’ comfort and allay customers’ worries and confusions. *We have never experienced such lack of guidance and communication, or witnessed such poor coordination within one company.

We have never received such poor service from any company, much less a full service carrier and international brand like yourself operating in an industry where customer satisfaction is key. We expected more from you, and were only let down at every customer touchpoint. *

We certainly did not choose to fly with you to be treated with this form of "Malaysian Hospitality".
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The company has since responded
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