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Default Malaysia Airlines - "MH is Malaysian Hospitality"??? WHAT A JOKE!!!

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Saiee Usop <[email protected]>
Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 9:07 PM
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
3 MH 2547 Y 28FEB KCHKUL WK2 0600-6 0740-6 Y-Y *E<
4 MH 94 V 28FEB KULLAX HK2 1000-6 1135-6 Y-V $E<

good afternoon
kindly Malaysia Airline
"The message and any files attached is intended solely for the use of the person to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is confidential and privileged under applicable laws. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, review, disclosure, copying, printing, distribution or dissemination of this message is prohibited. We take no responsibility of any reliance that you may place on this message and we further take no responsibility for any viruses or other damaging elements that may be contained in this email together with any of its attachments. If you have received this message in
error, please notify us by return email and arrangements will be made to retrieve the same from you."

My husband and I were scheduled to travel from Kuching, Malaysia to Los Angeles (LA), USA 28 Feb 2009 Saturday on Flight MH2547 with a transfer to MH94 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. On Sunday 22 Feb 2009, we received an email (see above) from Saiee Usop, a MAS staff. The flight details in the email are the same as our original itinerary and in the short message included (see highlighted in BLUE), there is not a single clue on flight cancellation. Thus, we did not suspect any issue and thought it was a routine flight alert email from MAS. Furthermore, we received NO calls at the Malaysia home number listed in our internet booking, NO further follow-up emails, or whatsoever.

On 27 Feb 2009 Friday 5pm, the day before we were due to fly, we were very shocked to find our flight MH2547 from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur cancelled when we checked the online flight status (available on MAS website). Immediately, we made a call to the MAS call center and were then informed that the flight was cancelled. We were then offered the option to reroute and take either the flight leaving Kuching that night at 8pm (i.e. with only 3 hours or so to pack and check-in for a 20-hour flight to LA) so as to catch the same flight out from Kuala Lumpur the next morning or to wait till 2 Mar 2009 Monday to catch the exact same flight (i.e. MH2547 KCH to KUL then MH94 KUL to LAX). Due to the short notice, we were not ready to fly immediately and also unable to arrange for transport to the airport to catch the 8pm flight that night. Therefore, we took the 2nd option of flying on 2 Mar 2009 on the same flight instead.

Later in the evening, we went down to Kuching International Airport to get our new E-ticket for the rerouted flight. At the MAS ticketing office, we were served by counter staff, Awang Jeffery. He was taking personal calls while looking up our booking. When we asked to be upgraded for our flight to compensate for the inconvenience, his response was that an email had been sent to us, it was our own failure to contact MAS that caused this problem. We were outraged by the response and showed him a printed copy of the email we received (see above or attached email below). On reading the email, he realized the problem and subsequently tried telling us that he does not have the authority to issue an upgrade. Thus, we requested to speak to his manager on this and he asked us to wait an hour for the manager to come back to the office.

While we were waiting, we found another MAS staff, Siti Khajijah looking into our case. She informed us that the manager we were told to wait for had already gone home and that it is not in MAS protocol to upgrade us for the situation we were in as our ticket was bought under a special discount fare class. She even said that only the Managing Director of MAS can do an upgrade (For us, it is hard to believe as we had used many other international airlines and upgrades were issued even at the check-in counters). She also told us that she had spoken to the person who wrote us the email and found out that he had left out 1 word “contact” in the email. At this point, we were very unhappy to find that we have been lied to (asked to wait an hour for someone who had already left), subjected to the incompetence of MAS staff and subsequently discriminated for our special discount fare class.

Finally, we asked to speak to the highest MAS authority in Kuching, Airport Manager, Tuan Haji Awang Sabu regarding our situation. It took the MAS staff half an hour to locate the airport manager on the phone and when we eventually got to speak to him, he insisted that he was unable to help us in this situation and his suggestions on the best way forward for us was to submit a written case to MAS for their investigation. In the entire conversation, he refused to admit any mistake on MAS part and did not offer any other alternative for us.

It has been a frustrating time at the Kuching MAS Ticketing office and we left more upset than when we came in. In the entire time from when we discovered our flight was cancelled till we left the ticketing office, not a single apology was given by any MAS staff for their mistakes. In the process, we have been misled, lied to, manipulated and discriminated against by the national airline of Malaysia. The level of service by MAS is unacceptable and it is truly surprising that MAS “holds a lengthy record of service and best practices excellence, having received more than 100 awards in the last 10 years” (direct quote from MAS website). Furthermore, what does “MH is Malaysian Hospitality” really mean with the way our case was being handled? In our view, it has an entirely different meaning.

If a passenger is to miss a flight, he/she is expected to pay again for the next flight out. When MAS caused us to miss our flight, it is only fair and just that we are compensated for it. Due to MAS failure to inform us at the earliest possible time of the flight cancellation, we missed our flight back to Los Angeles on 28 Feb 2009, Sat and the next available flight was on 2 Mar 2009, Mon. As a result of this, both my husband and I have to take an additional day off work, stay 2 more nights at Kuching and reschedule all our transport arrangements back home. On top of many uncountable inconveniences, we suffered tremendous mental and emotional stress dealing with MAS staffs.

We have written to MAS to complain about the treatment we received 1 month ago but we have not heard back from them. We have sent similar complain letters to Malaysian Tourism Board but that has no effect either. It is unbelievable that such level of service exist for an international carrier and the government does nothing to regulate its activity. With its domination of Malaysia's domestic flight industry, they leave us with no choice of switching to another airline. If we ever have to take MAS again, we will have to PRAY FERVENTLY that no hipcups happen again.
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File suit for additional costs incurred in Small Claims Court.
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Can they file a small claims suit in Malaysia? They did recieve an email and eventually they did recieve a new flight. Had he/she called to find out about the email, as soon as they got it, it would have been resolved long before, no? I mean if you get an email from the airline you don't understand, you might wanna call and ask about that. Ultimately the emotional stress started when they first asked to be upgraded. It is true that some airlines will charge you if you are late, but if they mess up you get nada, and you shouldn't have to ask at all. Then again if you think about it, how do you upgrade an entire plane of people who were on that cancelled flight? Give to one, gotta give to all yes? And reading the entire letter back to front where does the dicrimination take place?
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I don't believe there was any discrimination, neither do I think it follows that they should have an upgrade. However, the email appears to be a confirmation. There is no indication that there is a problem. It has the itinerary and "good afternoon, kindly Malaysia Airlines". That could easily be interpreted as a confirmation of the flight details. The missing words amount to negligence, and the consequential damages and costs to the family are the responsibility of the airline and for that reason they are entitled to be compensated. This is why I said they should sue for "additional costs".
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Oh sorry Jim, I was really asking if they can sue in Malaysia, I don't know anything about the legal system there (hell i don't know too much about it here in the states) and I was mostly curious if that can actually be done lol

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