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Exclamation Do not use aa.com, you may loose a lot of money

aa.com does not warn when cancelling non refundable ticketed reservations on aa.com.

When you cancel they do not warn you you are about to loose money if you continue with cancellation.

They do not send email notices of cancellations, they do not let you know via email they kept your money, they do not let you know how much money they have kept and how long you have to re-use it, they do not tell you the amount of fines it will cost you to re-use your money in their hands.


I recently may have canceled inadvertently my ticket, and it cost me a lot of money, as I only found out 3 months later by chance. I never received any emails letting me know my ticket was cancelled, that I lost $2650, and that the money is in AA hands. They just kept quiet about it, possibly until they get to keep my money for good. I had other hotel and cruise arrangements, so damage was fierce.

I suggest not to use aa.com until they fix this prolem

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Is this a joke?? What do you think they would do with a non-ref ticket when you canceled it?
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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they could have at least advised me by email at the time it happened that such a ticket was cancelled, don't you think ?

Don't you think they could have sent an email saying thaey have $2650 of my money pending new travel reservations ?

They send frequent flyer junk mail all the time, why not advise a frequent traveller who was once platinum immediately that a ticket was cancelled and AA is keeping $2650 pending new travel reservations ?

This is the minimum I ask from a reputable on-line transaction.

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its called a non-refundable ticket for a reason. with ANY airline!! read the airlines conditions of carriage. you obviously belong to their frequent flyer program since you get their emails....so wouldn't that mean that you have flown AA in the past? i think you should know about a non-refundable ticket being non-refundable
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it relates to standards of on-line transactions.

I did not cancel the ticket, it may have happened by mistake.

I only realized my tickets where not valid 3 months thereafter. I made the booking in June, paid for it $2650, and in October I found out it was cancelled. AA claim it was done in July by someone using my password. I have no recollection.

I fly a lot. My minimal right is that a reputable web site selling expensive goods would send an email confirmation of transactions such as cancellations. Had I received such an email, I could have rebooked at the time.

Is it so much to ask?

I buy on-line in many sites, and all of them for transactions worth $50 send emails when cancellations have been made. Needless to say when $2650 are on the line, what is the problem in sending email confirmations of such transactions ?

Further more, AA customer service started with asking me for $7000 to reinstate, a second $1200, finaly through my travel agent I was able to get something the day after for $530.

Non refundable means I must use the funds to buy airline tickets and will not get my money back. If AA has $2650 of my money, the minimal courtesiy is to send an email advising me so, don't you think so ?

All ecommerce web sites caring for their customers do it.

In this case it is not in the interest of AA as they only stand to win, perhaps this is why they do not send emails on cancellations.
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Lightbulb Inadvertantly Canx Ticket??

I agree that in circumstances such as this, Maybe it is a good idea that Airlines send a cancellation notice, (we as yet do not ) if they have your email address on file, but you state in your post that you may have "Inadvertantly cancelled your ticket" but you have no recollection ?!?... Now if I had paid that much money for a ticket, I would be making 100% sure I didn't "inadvertantly cancel it". Airlines are not responsible for the cancellation of tickets unless they cancelled it, If the booking is shown as the passenger cancelling, then thats your choice in their eyes, its not up to the airline to let you know that you have cancelled a ticket that you booked!

Keep everything safe, and if you think for one minute you may have done something online to affect your booking, Call the airline!

Read all terms and conditions carefully, they hold the key to a safe and pleasant flight with no surprises!
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Default aa.com unsafe

I made reservation as frequent flyer so my email is on file.

You may be right, still as a frequent flyer I get so much junk mail, yet airline did not send any warning it had $2650 of my funds on hold in 3 months. Any email over 3 months would have helped.

In you reply you basically say that it is better to use the phone that the web site. This goes to strengthen my claim that aa.com web site is not safe for on-line transactions, and you better do your bookings over the phone.

If it is a web site for self service transactions, and it reduces workload of airline employees, reduces operational costs and it is the duty of the airline to make it as fail safe as possible, and not let the customers pay the consequences.

You can not deal with un-ticketed reservations and ticketed reservations in the same manner. Once you paid and printed a ticket, you should be handled in a different position.

Failing to safeguard customers while encouraging to do everything self-service on-line is not acceptable, and I should not have to pay for it.

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I never once said or insinuated that it would be better to book by phone, really, In this day and age, phone bookings are becoming extict, albeit slowly. I cannot comment on the AA website, as I have never booked any tickets on there, however I have heard no bad reports until now, which goes to strenthen my opinion that in the majority of cases (not all i know) online bookings work, and are better for the passenger as well as the airline. I FULLY support online booking!

I agree that airlines offering web booking services should offer a safe and secure platform on which to book, however the fact still remains that you have doubts as to whether you yourself canx this reservation, so how in the world can you blame AA for that?

Unticketed and ticketed passengers? When you book a ticket you book end of ... if you dont book, you dont! Whether you are a paying passenger or not, should we not ALL be entitled to the same level of customer service, and safety and security? I believe so.

You paid (sadly) because you did not follow up on your booking, you may argue that you shouldnt have to, but I always do, because as you have experienced, these things happen, and once bitten, twice shy I am sure
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What I meant is not less security/safety if paid or not, I just said that when you cancel a ticketed reservation the cancellation path shoud be different as money has been paid and needs to be re-used, whereas if you cancel an unticketed reservation there is no financial damage, plus if you did not ticket it will be cancelled automaticaly after a certain date.

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