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COMPLAINT: Horrible Retrun Trip with 2 Babies

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I had booking for JFK-TRV roundtrip leaving on Jun 20th 2012 and returning on Jul 15th 2012 for my family of five people

We had the following inconveniences, stress, pain, and tension me and my family (with three children and two of them are 2 years old babies) had to go through with our return travel on Jul 15th 2012.

Please note that we were vacationing in a city which and is about 2-3 hours by road to the Thiruananathapuram (TRV) airport. So therefore, to check-in 3 hours in advance for our flight EY-273 departure 04:20 AM, we had to leave the previous night at 10:00 PM

We checked-in with our baggage and got our boarding passes at around 2:00 AM on 15th July for EY-273 TRV-AUH-JFK. We were told that the flight was delayed and the boarding will start around 6:00 AM. Since we have our connection flight in AUH to our final destination JFK, I inquired about the connection and we were told that JFK flight will be held for us in AUH so that we will not miss the flight. Finally, we were boarded into the flight EY-273 around 6:45 AM and flight took off around 7:00 AM, with 2 Hrs 40 Mins delay.

We arrived in AUH around 10:00 AM local time and ran for the connecting flight EY101 to JFK and we were very much shocked and surprised to know that the gate was closed and EY101 is already departed. We were disappointed with pain with my three little children that we missed the connecting flight solely due to Eitihad Airways miscommunication and false promises carelessness.

With no other choice we reported at Etihad Airways Customer Service within AUH Airport and they assured us that we will be put in EY101 for the next day which is the next flight to JFK from AUH (Abu Dhabi).

We were shocked again when we were learned that we were booked on Emirates Flight EK201 from DXB to JFK next day Jul 16th 2012 because they could not accommodate us on EY101 on Jul 16th 2012 from AUH. (Please note that Emirates is not operating in the same airport Abu Dhabi. It is operating in different city Dubai which is 2 hrs drive). Also they told us that they booked a hotel for that night in a hotel in AUH and arranged for baggage services, taxi to and from hotel and meals. They assured that everything will be taken care and smooth. The real trouble started we were told to claim all of our 10 checked-in luggage and clear immigration/customs to go to the hotel with our all carry-on and check-in luggage. With no other choice, we claimed our all 10 checked luggage and headed for the taxi in AUH. But at the Arrival Service Desk, they told us that they will not provide any assistance on handling luggage to the taxi. Please note that we were travelling with 3 children (Age 9 and Twins Babies at Age 2) It was much painful and agony to find a porter and not having enough money on hand etc. Finally we arranged a porter who helped to handle the luggage to the taxi

We arrived around 3 PM local time at the hotel with our carry-on and check-in luggage and in total 15 pieces and we were surprised and shocked again when the hotel told us that the hotel does not provide any concierge service and taxi driver refused to help on the luggage. With sleepless crying babies and child, we handled the luggage by ourselves. We felt isolation and helplessness in a country where we never been there before and neither understand the local language.

Also Etihad Airways gave us the voucher for dinner along with hotel stay, but there were no baby food or milk was available at the hotel and we were really afraid of not being able to feed the babies. Finally we were manage to get two cups of milk for a hefty price at the restaurant within the hotel. Because of the quality of the milk was so poor babies started to vomit the milk and sickened them. We felt bad and helpless being not able to feed our babies with enough food/milk.

Next day morning we got up at the early hours of 4:00 AM and as the taxi arrived at 4:30 AM and again at the early hour with sleeping babies, we had to load our entire 15 piece luggage into the taxi and we arrived at DXB/Dubai around 6:30 AM which is 2 hours road drive in a unknown country.

As promised by Etihad Airways we were expecting someone will help us with the luggage at DXB Airport, but again disappointed to know that we were helpless. With babies in hand being not able to handle the luggage we called for porter service paid outmof pocket and reported at the check-in counter of Emirates for the flight EK201 as per the alternate booking made by Etihad Airways

We were shocked again when the Emirates check-in Agent told us that our check-in luggage are overweight and asked us to remove items. It was surprise and confusion and shocking for us to remove the items from the luggage. Please note that these luggages were originally checked-in and measured as 23 kg per piece at TRV. The baggage was never changed and the agent was arrogant and not listening that these luggage are being re-checked-in due to the missed flight and we were transit passengers. As we were on very tight on timing we had only an hour before departure, the Agent was not listening and not ready to check-in the luggage. At the end, to avoid another flight miss, we were forced to remove items from bags to make one bag as oversize (up to 32 kg) even though individual bags were weighing 23 kg. This was such a bitter experience and we felt that this was done purposely as discrimination and we were isolated and had to go through pains with crying babies on hand. Finally the agent agreed to check-in with the payment for one oversize bag which we paid and got checked-in.

After all these troubles finally we were boarded to the flight EK201 to JFK and reached New York at 2:15 PM on 16th Jul 2012 with almost 24 Hrs Delay.

All these pains, agony, sleeplessness, bitter experiences, discriminations are all happened at not at our fault, but solely at Etihad Airways fault.

Please note that I and my wife were originally scheduled to report at our work on Monday July 16th 2012 and lost wages. In addition, we spent more money for various items such as check-in charge at Emirates, Food, Luggage service etc.

Please note that we were delayed by 24 Hrs without enough sleep. We went through such a painful, awful and unimaginable experience not at our fault. We went through such a bad experience which lead us thru mental pressure and anxiety and lost wages for both of us and babies were sickened due to 24 Hrs delay and not eating enough food and drinking milk.

All of these could’ve been avoided if Etihad Airways could’ve given correct information and not false promise. Etihad Airways could’ve hold the flight EY101 for 30 mins on 15th Jul 2012 for all connecting passengers as they promised at TRV when EY273 was delayed.

We have been a loyal customer of Etihad Airways for more than 5 years and members of Etihad Guest Program. We never expected such a dire service and treatment. We are very much shocked and ashamed with the experience that we had with Etihad Airways.
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