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Default Horrible Business Trip

About 40 minutes into a 5:25 flight home on August 24th, the captain informs us that the cabin pressure is rising rapidly. They pilot quickly descend down to 14,000 feet and we are able to coast at that level without any masks dropping. They did a good job with that and no one really panicked. Unfortunately what happened after that is a disgrace. The pilot didn't inform us what was going on for at least 10 minutes, after saying they needed to contact the tower. He suggests we might turn around the plane and go back to Atlanta. Everyone knows that the correct response is you go to the nearest airport, of course he didn't even bother to tell us where we were located. After deciding to continue at the elevation to Dallas, we are greeted with 4 different explanations from the cabin and the pilot all contradicting themselves as to what we, the passengers, should do as the plan lands. After I guess finalizing a decision, we are told to take out our luggage and de-board the plan.

At this time my co-worker asks if there are any other flights to LAX. Mind you we are flying in to John Wayne airport in Orange County, but Dallas doesn't fly to that location, but LAX is not that far away and we are willing to fly there. They tell him no. You mean to tell me in a Major airport like Dallas at like 7:45pm local time on a Saturday night, there isn't a single airline flying to LAX? I find that hard to believe. They told us to stay near the gate until they announce what was going on. After about 10 minutes or so, they say it will be at least 30 minutes until someone can look at the plane. They never made an announcement again. The first delta kiosk is a madhouse so I go to the second one which only has a few people at it. I ask if there is any flights going to LAX from any airline. He says let me ask somebody, he thinks there isn't. He can't ask that person he wants to ask because she isn't answering him back. Then he walks over in the other direction doesn't really do anything, then comes back and says let me help you with that. After about 30 seconds on the computer he says no there isn't anything.

Shortly after we find out there will be no flight there getting a special plane just for us and it will leave at 7:30am Sunday morning. They are giving us meal vouchers and 1 night stay at the Hyatt. At this time I had called my friend and asked if there were any flights out of Dallas and shes said Frontier had some leaving soon. When getting the hotel coupon I asked if they were any flights available again, and mentioned Frontier airlines, he says he assumes they are probably full already. Why bother to check when you have a hunch. I finally decide to use one of my meal vouchers while I'm standing in line on the passengers on my flight shows me a ticket on a 10:30pm flight on I believe American Airlines. What.... He says there are about 20 seats open. At this point I am irate because I asked 2 different people if there were any flights available and they both had said no. Clearly that is not the case or this man would not have gotten this ticket. So I decide to get back in line at the shorter Delta kiosk for the third time.

At this point the line is much longer and some of my co-workers are ahead of me. The people in front of me are all getting on that 10:30pm flight which didn't exist to some Delta employees. So when one of my co-workers is talking with the Delta attendant I start to ask her simple yes no questions, when her co-worker next to her rudly tells me that what she is doing is complicated and I need to stop distracting her. No Sir, no please, just a loosely translated shut-up. Out of the 5 of us I believe 2 of us got on the 10:30 flight I was not one of them. I can't be sure exactly if those 2 were on the plan because the lady helping us was not very clear at all, with informing us if they got on the plane, if they are on stand-by, etc, and they didn't get any kind of paper stating anything.

After we check in the hotel my co-worker calls the airline running the 10:30pm flight, and they tell him that he and the other co-worker are confirmed for the flight. Very happy they both race over to the airport. After about 30 minutes while i am eating in the restaurant with my other co-workers, they shop. Apparently they were confirmed for the flight, but Delta did not pay for the flight and so they were unable to board the plane. Wow, what a screwup that is, not to mention doesn't confirmed mean that it is paid for. At any rate we all arrive the following morning to board the new plane, of course we have to wait in the check-in line because for some reason we are not allowed to use the self service check-in line, probably because that would have been to convenient. After we land they tell us we can see an associate named Darryl for a partial refund. Excuse me but I shouldn't have to find any associate, they should have automatically given the refund to each passenger when they re-issued the morning flight which is what they did when I flew southwest a few years ago. After arriving in my destination 14 hours after I was supposed to, I have no desire to track anyone down, not to mention 200 dollars isn't even half of the original plane ticket cost.

Way to go Delta, I am never flying with you again.

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