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Angry one missed letter. no ride in the air.

i purchased a ticket for a friend to fly from tulsa, ok to phx, az, this coming sept.
i got on line thought i had gone to american airlines. com and got something totaly different then what i expected. it's caused a lot of trouble. its still trouble
i typed in the letter C on the reservation area and instead it was to be a B letter, for brown. instead it read crown. so i called the airline to change the letter c to b, so that way it could be correct so my friend has no problems at the airport getting on the flights coming and going.
i spoke to three different places arranging for this to happen but none of them could fix the letter, its against there polcies. so what they said they did was this, they said they would and could put notes in the computer and everyone will see them when she goes through the airport to get on the plane. GREAT!
no, that is not what is happening.....
now remind you. i type one letter of a last name wrong on a reservation, and no one can fix it....
again yesertday i spend two hrs on the phone with onetravel, its the web site that i was on making the reservation, when i believed i was making it through the airline its self, united airlines, american airlines and tsa.
onetravel said this, " the ticket had been make all ready and they wouldnt print a new one, also, that the airline had denied request or purchase of my ticket and the person i bought it for would be able to fly,and that i would have to call the airlines and have them change the ticket name in the computersand to see why they siad she couldnt ride the plane.".
so i call the airlines. united," you have to call american airlines they own the ticket, you are good with us." AA, you have to call the agency you booked it through to change the name on the ticket we cant do that. so i asked for a supervisor. he said "there's no way they could do that and they had no idea why onetravle would say she couldnt ride the plane, the name on the ticket is wrong, it maybe harder for her to get on the flight. new polocies went into affect and that's all he could do. try tsa and see what she could do to get on the plane...
on;y one damn letter one on the last name. just one.
tsa," she will have to go through extensive search, personal questions, pat downs, wanding, etc..."
security will be the hard part for her.. i said do you know she will have to do this four times on this trip. that is not a good thing.
well i got no where. no letter change and now this person has to push her way to phx through the airports of the usa to just get a ride here and home...

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The only way to fix this is to cancel the ticket completely and either get a full refund from onetravel, whom you brought the tickets through or credit and repurchase the ticket with the correct name. Also please note that TSA has absoluetly nothing to do with air travel. They can't change, issue, or rebook tickets.
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She should not have any problem traveling. People show up to the apo everyday and have names misspelled, no ID, etc.....they will get her on the a/c. So she will have to go through extra screening..big deal..she will not be strip searched, waterboarded and interrogated. Get to the apo early, go through security, get on the plane...stop the drama!!
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It can be done very easily by American Airlines. All they need to do is change the name to the correct spelling then do an INVOL exchange on the ticket. The reason they refer you to the travel agent is that the agency is supposed to handle all aspects of the ticket they issued. By the way this usually comes with a $100 exchange fee. The travel agent doesn't want to do it because they're getting charged that $100 from American Airlines. The notes on the account should be fine unless the flight is overbooked. If it is I imagine they will use your error to deny boarding.
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