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Default Lost Luggage TWICE - Found Employees Sleeping

Baggage was lost twice - didn't arrive at destination. An employee got it to me late that night rather than making me wait for the delivery service which would have been the next day. Shouldn't the procedure be to deliver the bag ASAP rather the next day via courier?

Anyway, on the way back home a delayed flight caused me to miss my connections. I spoke to Delta on the phone and the rep was great. But after 35 minutes of her trying to get me rerouted, she said the best she could do was to get me a hotel in Atlanta then home in the morning. I could live with that as it was clear the rep tried hard to find the best solution.

In Salt Lake City everything was good. I actually got a ticket agent to bump me up to an earlier flight to Atlanta in a long shot attempt to get home before Thanksgiving. The plan didn't work out as the Salt Lake to Atlanta flight was a bit late. This is where the complaint starts. I was sure everyone so far had done everything they could to resolve every problem to this point.

When I deplaned I explained to the greeter that I had missed my connection and was told I would be put in a hotel for the night. The greeter just wanted me to go away. He sent me to a self-serve scanner. I said, "The scanner will give me a hotel room?" He said, "Well I'm not going to."

I went to the scanner which did nothing but blink and reset repeatedly. I went back to the agent and he sent me to a service desk. The clerk there was as rude as anyone I've encountered in my life. Without a single verbal response to anything I said (including my very pleasant greeting) she handed me some documents. I had to ask a dozen questions to find out where the hotel was and how I was supposed to get to it.

I then went to see if my bag was coming off in Atlanta or it was going to Flint. I dealt with 3 different employees. Each was rude and very committed to not even checking into anything. The last one (who was screaming at another customer when I entered the office) checked and told me my bag was headed to Flint. I was good with that and headed to the hotel.

In the morning I was at the gate for my flight home 90 minutes early. The gate agent was the first Delta employee I encountered in Atlanta who was not flat out rude. She very politely refused to check on my baggage even though I explained the plan had changed a few times and it was important that the bag make the trip as it contained medical equipment. She just assured me the bag would go to Flint - she refused to check on the status of the bag.

Well, you guessed it. When I got to Flint my bag was not there. I went to the ticket counter (no baggage office in Flint). The clerk looked into the computer screen and told me my bag was in the baggage claim area. I assured her it was not. She assured me it was. I walked the entire length of the airport, confirmed that my baggage was not in the claim area. I walked back to the counter where a supervisor looked into the same system the clerk had used and told me my bag was in Atlanta. He said it would be in Flint at 2:00 pm.

Having heard nothing from the airline by 4:00 pm, I went to pick up my baggage figuring on Thanksgiving Day there may be no delivery service.

I waited at the counter for a while - no Delta employee in sight. I yelled into the back area and there was no response. I went and called the Delta 800 number. The gentleman on the phone told me employees were there but they were not answering his phone call.

Sooooo I walked back toward the counter. When I got to the counter I kept walking right past the counter into the back room. As I walked down the short hall I was loudly announcing myself. I found one employee sleeping on a couch (blanket and pillow and all) and another (the one who insisted I walk back to the claim area before she would take my claim earlier in the day, looking panicked and straightening her clothing as if she just climbed up off the couch herself.

Sleepy Head never even checked for my bag but told me it didn't arrive. I went and called the 800 number hoping someone there could confirm my luggage was not in Flint before I left the airport.

Sleepy and Grumpy walked past me while I was on the phone. I told them, "Corporate is trying to call you." Grumpy said, "We're going to the police to talk to them about you."

So they return with two cops. I tell the cops I'm on hold if they'd like to chat. They declined. I told them Sleepy and Grumpy were just mad because I woke them up.

I finished with the 800 number people, told the cops to have a nice Turkey Day and went home. I am now told my luggage will arrive at 11:00 am. At 11:00 am. there will have been 4 planes leave Atlanta for Flint. I'm glad my luggage is a priority.
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Default This is astonishing

This complainant managed to find some helpful Delta employees before hitting Delta... I can't believe it!!

So typical of Delta.. and when they get caught,they were calling the cops on you! Unbelieveable.

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