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Default Cancelled flight and now Easyjet will now not pay despite confirming they would!!!!

> My formal complaint is below which I sent on 10 Jan, their response was a disgrace:

Dear Patrick

Thank you for your response

I am sorry but no one is listening to me or reading my full complaint! I feel this is a standard reply and you are not reading my concerns and complaints!

I explained to the lady on the phone today who called ME that I had no signal at my house and asked her to recall me on my house number and no one did.

Please answer my complaint in full and understand my complaint please.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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On 24 Jan 2018, at 15:25, [email protected] wrote:

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for contacting easyJet.

Further to your call to our Customer Services team, I can confirm that your flight EZY 7215 on 01 June 2017 was rescheduled. You were provided the option of a free transfer to the next available flight, which you had accepted. As information regarding the flight was available as of 21 February 2017 (more than 14 days before the flight) compensation or reimbursement will not be payable.
As you are not satisfied with our resolution, you are welcome to contact an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) supplier. The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) is approved by the CAA to provide dispute resolution services and an independent view of your complaint under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. CEDR can be contacted at the below address:
Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
70 Fleet St - London - EC4Y 1EU
Email: [email protected]
You will need to refer your complaint to CEDR within 12 months of this letter.

As a consumer you may use the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform to submit your complaint if you wish. This can be done by completing the electronic form available via this link:
We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you, but please feel assured we have done all we can to investigate this matter. This e-mail will be our final response, and we cannot engage in any further communication regarding your claim.

We fully respect any decisions you make regarding onward referral.

Kind regards,
easyJet Resolution Support

Original Message ...
>> From: [email protected]
>> To: [email protected]
>> Subject: Complaint - Booking ref ER9HQ2L
>> Sent: 10/01/2018 19:35

Dear Sirs

I wish to make a formal complaint and would be grateful for a full investigation into my matters.

I have spoken to numerous customer service agents within Easyjet, have logged a complaint online using the form on your website, have requested copies of correspondence, have sent copies of receipts to numerous people, spoken with staff on your Facebook page and my issues are still not resolved. I have been advised by a member of staff to contact yourselves with this ongoing matter.

The history of this matter is in 2016 I booked a number of return flights to attend a family wedding in Sorrento in June 2017. These flights were from Isle of Man to Liverpool and then from Liverpool to Naples.

Upon coming to check in online a few days before our flight was due I could see on my booking that the Liverpool to Naples flight on 1 June had been cancelled and I was offered another flight on 3 June or a refund. I called your customer services to understand why it had been cancelled and why I had not been informed and received conflicting information. One agent didn't even know that it had been cancelled and could not explain why it had been cancelled. After talking to many different people I was informed that I had been emailed about the cancellation, I never received any email and still await a copy of this correspondence which I have requested on many occasions.

We had no option but to delay our holiday by two days and fly out on the flight offered to us on the Saturday. This however caused a further problem, we were flying out from the Isle of Man on 31 May and therefore would be stuck in Liverpool for 3 days (3 adults and 2 children). I was informed by an agent that we could change our IOM flight to the following day and that accommodation and costs would be covered. The agent kindly changed our IOM to Liverpool flights over the phone and advised that I could book my own accommodation through 'My bookings' on your website through I think she said flight tracker? The next day I went in to my booking and the flight was not yet showing, I was starting to get worried as we were due to fly out the next day to Liverpool. I called again, and again spoke to another agent explaining my matter all over again. I was this time advised that accommodation costs etc would NOT be covered, conflicting information again. I was given numerous numbers to call (which I still have written down), One being the easyjet customer services desk in Liverpool airport as I was informed they would book my accommodation. When I called them, they said they couldn't and wouldn't and don't know why I was advised of this! By this point I had been on and off the phone for over an hour and was starting to become very upset. I called again and asked to be put through to your complaints department where i spoke to a gent called Luke. Again I explained everything and went through my concerns and worries, Luke reassured me that easy jet WOULD cover all accommodation costs and would not leave us stranded in Liverpool until our next flight. Luke tried to book the accommodation for us through your website, however, was having the same trouble as me (our flight/ date was not showing, a previous flight was still showing). Luke advised me to keep checking for the change in flight information and that he would add notes to the file to confirm our conversation and that he had confirmed easy jet WOULD cover all costs incurred.

I continued to check and was still unable to book my accommodation through 'my booking' and called again! I again explained the whole situation and was advised to book the accommodation myself as time was ticking on and our flight was the following day and to reclaim all my costs. I explained I was concerned by this and was reassured I would be reimbursed and to claim my costs through your website.

Upon returning from our holiday (we also had seat allocation issues on the flights where the children were sat by themselves with no adults aged 2 and 6) I placed a claim through your website as advised. I received emails saying I wasn't entitled to any costs or compensation for the cancelled flight. So again I replied to the email advising us of what I had been advised and was responded to basically saying 'your not entitled and the case is closed!'. How helpful, I have receipts for 2 nights hotels, meals and taxis??

I then corresponded on Facebook messenger (26 June 2017) with an easy jet agent advising I wished to make a complaint. I received a response within hours, providing me with the link to your website!I made a complaint through your website and heard nothing back at all. I also requested again the copy of the email advising me of the cancelled flight, again I am still waiting to receive this or even have my email acknowledged. On 30 July I chased a response to my complaint and was advised that 'we are currently really busy as we are in peak season so complaints are taking a bit longer', I heard nothing.

In November I sent a response to the previous message from Charlotte advising I had not received any response and could someone let me know what was happening. Nearly 6 months since our holiday and costs had still not been covered. I was asked what email address I used, to which I responded and again I was advised that no compensation is due, case number 102238708! I advised that it was after this case number that I logged the complaint again explaining that I had now asked 3 times for a copy of the email cancelling our flight, asked for staff to check notes, listen to calls etc.

I was then advised by Charlotte that she could look into this and asked me to send through copies of all my receipts (this I had already done before on your website!) I sent everything through and Charlotte advised she had requested call listening for clarification on what I was told. At this point I thought finally I am getting somewhere. How wrong was I. Charlotte said she had a response and that our customer services team had advised to book a hotel through our flight tacker but as I hadn't done this we won't be able to cover the costs and she could see an email sent to me on 5 July to let me know that as the flight was cancelled more than 14 days before your flight was cancelled, no compensation would be paid. However she could offer me a £50 flight voucher as a gesture of goodwill. I again explained to Charlotte that flight tracker was not working/ giving me this option and i made another call and was advise to book myself and reclaim. I explained the story again and Charlotte said she had listened to the calls, 2 of them. I made many more than 2 however she said these are not on your system. Charlotte advised that she unfortunately couldn't help me any further and advised to contact CEDR and your legal team to help further.

You will understand my frustration with this ongoing matter. I have had complaints and requests through your website ignored. I have been told conflicting information. I was advised by Luke (his name is on my paperwork from the days I spent hours making calls to sort this out) that easy jet would NOT leave us stranded in Liverpool and that costs WOULD be covered.

I have spent MONTHS trying to sort this out and get back the money that is owed to us as PROMISED by your staff. Please can someone take ownership of this complaint and fully investigate everything. The timeframe in which this is taking is totally unacceptable. I have spent hours and hours corresponding with easy jet, repeating myself, and making no progress. I am so upset that I have done as I was advised too and I am having to fight to get my money back, spend hours going over everything whilst my phone bill is rising along with the credit card interest for the hotel costs etc.

I look forward to receiving a full response.

Many thanks
Jessica Bulliment
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It's really like a joke...

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