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Old Jun 7, 2015, 8:22 AM
Mitsuo Fuchida Mitsuo Fuchida is offline
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Default Getting your money back!!!!!

Call the president of the company directly.

James Otis Hare II started eDreams more than a decade ago.

He has now left the US for Singapore, where he has a new company called CVCT (that stands for Cardio Vascular Clinical Trialists, and appears to be a marketing operation targeting elderly heart patients). We called his office and confirmed he has NO medical background at all.

James Otis Hare II is instead a Jamaican Black American. He lists his previous experience as running a Ukrainian tech start-up called Asani Technologies (we really are not joking!). James Otis Hare II claims the company exists in Kiev, but the Kiev authorities told us there is no record of any Asani Technologies in existance.

Contact James Otis Hare II in his office directly.

James Otis Hare II
CVCT private limited.
Gleneagles Hospital
6A Napier Road

Call his assistants

Catherine Lam
Tel: +65 6734 6864


Carolyn Lam
Tel: +65 9787 8667
Tel: +65 6772 3882

You may also want to take your grievances to the Gleneagles Hospital Board and ask them why they allow a person with no medical background to run a marketing business from their hospital premises. Gleneagles is owned by Parkway Pantai and their board of directors is:

Dato’ Mohammed Aslan bin Hashim
Telephone: +65 6226 3771
Telephone: +60 3 2095 0288

Datuk Kharil Anua bin Abdullah
Tel: + 60 3 229 81000

Dato’ Amir Firduas, Chief Operating Officer of Gleneagles Hospital
Call the the Parkway Pantai central number at
Tel: +65 6307 7880

You can also launch a government inquiry into James Otis Hare II’s activities by calling the Singapore Medical Council Disciplinary Committee.

Call their complaints hotline at
Tel: +65 6372 3074

Associate Professor Chew Suok Kai is the Deputy Registrar
Tel: + 65 6325 9082

Associate Professor Tan Ser Kiat is the President
He is an orthopedic surgeon at Singapore General Hospital.
You can call him through the hotline at:
Tel: +65 6321 4377
Tel: +65 6326 5656

(Calling hints: +65 is the Singapore country code. + 60 3 is for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

To launch an investigation, you will need to cite the following information which is on file with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore:

Company name: CVCT Asia Pte. Ltd.
Registration number: 201334385N
Registration date: 23/12/2013
Company type: Limited Exempt Private Company
Company address:
6 Napier Road
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore (258499)

Owner/Chief Officer:
James Otis Hare II
US Passport number 452087066

James Otis Hare II’s activities may also be in violation of Singapore immigration laws. You may wish to alert the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority by calling their hotline at
Tel: +65 6391 6100

Cite the following information:
James Otis Hare II
US Passport number

If you believe that what has happened to you constitutes a criminal act, you should contact the Singapore Police Force at

Tel: +65 6353 0000

You will need to cite the following information:

James Otis Hare II
CVCT private limited.
Gleneagles Hospital
6A Napier Road

Good luck. We hope you get your money back!

The Travel-Safe Team J

Old Jun 13, 2015, 2:27 AM
brianl brianl is offline
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Default EDreams Gives Everyone The Run Around

I've read most of the complaints on this forum about EDreams and wish I had done so BEFORE attempting to make an airline reservation through them. I won't go into detail about my experience but suffice to say that their MO is either to lie or string you out as long as possible in an attempt to get you to give up trying to get your money back from them.
This is what I've done to try and remedy the situation:
Contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint (which EDreams INDIA responded to...that's where they are operating from in order to avoid prosecution). Of course their response was bogus and there wasn't anything the BBB could do. BUT the BBB did give me two government agencies to contact, both in Florida where EDreams claims to have their headquarters.
1. The Division of Consumer Services (850) 922-2966 800helpfla dot com
2. Attorney General of Florida (850) 414-3990 myfloridalegal dot com
Interesting that when I looked up EDreams on the Comsumer Services website it showed two listings, both in Florida, but the first one showed as "Out of Business"
I filed complaints online with both entities and I suggest anyone reading this do the same. If enough complaints are filed I'm sure Edreams will be forced out of business. I'm equally sure they'll probably rear their ugly heads again as a new company with a different name sometime in the future as a result.
Old Jun 18, 2015, 4:41 AM
Mitsuo Fuchida Mitsuo Fuchida is offline
Join Date: Jun 2015
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Default Sorry to hear you had such a bad time.

Try these numbers.

A real person WILL get back to you, and you will get through to the founder of eDreams.

James Otis Hare II
CVCT private limited.
Gleneagles Hospital
6A Napier Road

Call his assistants

Catherine Lam
Tel: +65 6734 6864


Carolyn Lam
Tel: +65 9787 8667
Tel: +65 6772 3882

Good luck!
Old Oct 27, 2015, 11:58 AM
mariyap mariyap is offline
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Default E-dreams - never use this webpage!!!


They charged me and then canceled my flights without even asking me for permission or notifying me! They are uncaring and don't know what they are doing! They are liars!

They canceled the flights I booked for Christmas without even asking me for permission! They literally ruined my Christmas break!!! And I'm still not refunded or compensated!

They don't have a customer service team, they don't provide you with a reference number and the guy I spoke to was rude and said there is nothing he or his manager could do! Ridiculous and unacceptable! A normal company would correct their mistake - aka, booking the flights they messed up and paying the price difference between what I paid and the current ticket price. But no, they did not even rewarded my request with a response! Right now I'm unsure if I'm getting my money back, my Christmas break is literally ruined and I still haven't gotten any confirmation e-mail that my money will be refunded!

Old Nov 16, 2016, 12:33 PM
Marius Titulescu Marius Titulescu is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
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Never even heard of them up to this point, but I'll surely avoid them.
Marius from Economy tips
Old Mar 31, 2017, 12:45 PM
Bellaisa6 Bellaisa6 is offline
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Exclamation Scammers edreams

edreams rva 8spoat [27143628-1484214150]

It's absurd and inadmissible to take so long to get me a refund, I first ask for it in December 2016, right after the flight got cancelled. It's been 3 months and you don't even have the common sense to keep me updated. You try to scam people or what? I kept calling and waiting on the phone for at let 40 minutes every single time I am calling. and the best part after I am waiting for you to pick up the bloody phone with your despicable customer services- the connection get cut off after 30-40 minutes of waiting. I have everything on my phone bill and it's not cheap and you will pay for it!!!

I already contacted a solicitor and complained to the Consumer Protection Authority based on the Consumer Protection Act of 2015.
Also because I haven't got a response from you I alerted my bank and reported the transaction as a fraud and also I contacted the Islington police and they said they will also look into this matter and will ask you for some answers.

If I don't get my money Back ASAP, you will hear from my Lawyer and you will pay all the Courts costs plus my money back plus interest. You have the reference number of my ticket in the title of the email. DO SOMETHING!!!

You better reply to me ASAP

Old Jun 7, 2024, 6:34 PM
Beulah Beulah is offline
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Please don’t use edreams, worst experience I had with them, there was no flight for me, had to book another flight, which cost me a lot of money. THEY SUCK

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