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Royal Air Maroc Complaints>In-flight theft possibly by cabin crew member
Biruk 2:40 PM Nov 23, 2016
I flew from Nairobi to Casablanca on 05 November 2016 for the #COP22 conference in Marrakesh. I have USD 3000 in my hand luggage which i put in the overhead compartment. I have checked that the money was there before i board. My seat was at the back and the plane was not so full. So there was only one passenger behind me. One of the cabin crew members (male) asked the passenger to change his seat to the front. As it was an overnight flight i was preparing to fall a sleep so that i can feel fresh in the morning. I saw the cabin crew member moving my luggage to a cabin behind me. When i saw him he asked if it was mine and i replied yes. I thought it was just a flight attendant doing the usual luggage arrangement. I snoozed the whole evening. When we arrive in Casablanca i immediately went to one of the cafe inside the terminal to get a coffee. The money was not there! I was shocked! What is more shocking was how careless and laid back the ground staff were when i tried to complain. Finally i complained. They even refused to give me a copy of my application as evidence. They act as if this is normal. I really think Royal air maroc is crap!!
cliff7080 5:49 PM Nov 23, 2016
Did you REALLY have $3000 dollars in a bag that you left in the overhead bin while you slept and didnt even wonder why someone was moving your bag to rear of the plane out of your view? and you didnt do a thing about it? so sorry you lost your money but ...............
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