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American Airlines Complaints>Dreamliner is actually a nightmare
elizabethco 6:48 PM Jul 13, 2016
I recently flew on my first Dreamliner flight through American. It was an unpleasant experience and I will avoid the Dreamliner until the airline has more experience managing this aircraft. The incoming flight arrived approximately one hour early from China, but didn't make it to our gate until about 2 hours after our scheduled departure time. There was little explanation offered, and the representatives at the desk kept on telling us it would be another 15-20 minutes rather than providing an accurate estimate of the delays. This was frustrating as we were never able to leave the boarding area or know when we would actually depart. I heard other passengers say that it was because the Dreamliner requires specific maintenance crews that were unable to be located. I don't know whether this is true, but it seems like an unacceptable reason for a 2 hour delay. Once we arrived at LAX, we waited on the tarmac for approximately 1 hour to get into a gate. The pilot was flippant and said "well folks, we're a little delayed but we'll have you to the gate soon" multiple times. There was no apology from him, or even acknowledgement that we were in fact extremely delayed by approximately 3 hours. Flight attendants' customer service was also poor. The plane was very cold and they were unable to adjust the air or offer blankets, and they never came through the aisles during our 1 hour tarmac delay to offer additional water, which is the least I would have expected. When I got up to try to get water, I was rudely told that I had to return to my seat.
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