COMPLAINT: The Joys of flying BA

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I travelled to the US along with my wife departing Singapore on 6th May 2016. I elected to book the entire itinerary on BA as I thought that BA had the best connections within the US in addition to good connections to the US.
On 10th May I received communication there was a medical emergency in India and my family needed me in Mumbai where they reside. I had to reroute my ticket to Mumbai while my wife carried on with the original itinerary. The process of change in the itinerary took all of 2 hours and many repetitions of the same background story to various staff in BA. I was told to call back in few hours to confirm that my payment had been received and the revised ticket was confirmed. So I called back that evening to confirm the process. Imagine my horror when I was told there was no booking. So 2 hours later we were back on track and I was assured that the ticket was now set. On 12th morning I was at Phoenix airport only to be told that there was no booking in my name. While all this communication on change was hitherto done with British Airways, in desperation I called Orbitz the booking agency that I had originally bought the tickets from, from the airport. An hour later and at a charge higher than the amount I was initially required to pay, I was the last customer on the flight. I literally had to beg over a 100 passengers ahead of me in the security queue to permit me to jump the queue. I am very grateful for their graciousness in permitting me to do just that. So I flew to Philadelphia and then on to Mumbai to handle the medical emergency.
However that was not it. My wife was to continue on the original schedule, and to add to our horror story, she was told exactly the same when she turned up at the airport the next day, that there was no booking in her name. So she when thru the same rigmarole that I had to go thru to, for the next two sectors of her flight. Needless to say in the midst of all the personal stress that the family was going thru, British Airways did manage to compound the stress levels significantly.
Post my return to Singapore end June, I have been trying to follow up on getting a refund for the difference I to pay between the amounts that I finally paid and the amount I was asked to pay initially. And any other compensation that they thought fit for the number of times that we were subjected to untold levels of frustration. I am reproducing the last communication I got here for its utter blandness and callousness.
“We have received a reply from our Refunds team and I'd like to inform you that as per our records, your ticket has been fully used for travel. Hence I'm unable to make a refund, as the ticket has been utilised. I appreciate that this is probably not the reply you were hoping for, and I'm sorry to disappoint you. Thanks again for following this up with us. Please feel free to contact us if we can help you any further and I hope our decision won’t stop you and your wife from choosing to fly with us again.”
So in the final tally, my wife and I have spent at least 12 hours on telephone calls with BA, paid changed fares higher than originally asked for by BA, talked to umpteen BA staff across various parts of the globe, waded thru frustration and despair, added to stress and ulcers. So much for the British Airways motto: To Fly. To Serve. I made the mistake of assuming that “to serve” meant to serve the customer, but I guess I was wrong! But I do know that the BA decision will certainly stop me and my wife from choosing to fly BA again! BA Case file 15237714 is now closed!
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