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While searching for airline flights today, I was directed to Frontier Airlines to book a ticket that was right around the price range I could work with to make it back to see my family in time before Thanksgiving, and then be able to make a flight back on Wednesday so I could spend my first Thanksgiving with my new fiance. I went through the online booking, getting everything in order, and while I was looking at Mon the 25th to Wed the 27th, for about 225, I noticed another price leaving the day before. The price was 158 for a round trip from Sun the 24th to Wed the 27th. While I was checking with my job to see if I could make the Sunday flight (I'm a massage therapist) I was kicked out of the site and told to reload the website because the fare had to be put back into the system. I searched again, and chose the same flight for the same price. It left at 6:55 on Sunday and arrived around 10:30 pm in Chicago, and left Midway at 2:47 pm on Wed and arrived in Co at 4:20 pm. I went through the whole process, putting my information (assuming that when putting my name in, it would be reserving it for at least a short time) The next screen took me to choose my seat. There were 20/30 options still available on that particular flight, with options from $5 to $20 to upgrade to a seat with more leg room. I chose 9a for the flight there and 9f for the flight back, even though they both were non reclining.

(Skip the next part if you don't care about the emotional feelings that led to this post, only the shady business practice)

See I JUST got back from proposing to my Fiance in Hawaii last week, and had been on a plane for longer, so it wasn't a big deal to me to get a seat that didn't recline, as I can't fall asleep all that well anyway. The reason I was flying home was because not 3 weeks ago my dad, who has a pacemaker/defibrillator combo and has had 5 heart attacks, had another heart attack last week. His being a cyborg actually saved his life, even though it knocked him out while he was walking on the treadmill. Even the smallest cut could cause my dad to bleed to death because of the blood thinners he is on. They told him that he would be dead had he not been shocked. He has a particular heartbeat called the widowmaker, which means he could basically go at anytime if his pacemaker wasn't in there. Ok enough of the sob story, but you get why Holidays mean a lot to my family, and me living in Colorado I don't get to go home all that much and the altitude is OBV not good for his heart.

So while my seat was processed, I was sent to the next screen which gave me payment options. I clicked on the credit card option, and entered all my information. A screen pops up and says it may take 60 seconds to to process the order. While I'm waiting, I look at the other options and my original flight is still available… Well in the next ten seconds, a screen pops up and tells me that my price is no longer available, and takes me to another screen that gives me the price of $367 dollars. I immediately freak out and call Frontier, and after the whole process of automated phones, they send me to a representative who then puts me on hold for another ten or fifteen minutes. She only comes back to tell me that there is nothing they can do about the price disappearing because someone purchased it RIGHT OUT FROM BENEATH ME. Meaning there is no system set up to protect against that sort of occurrence. The kicker is that the entire time I'm trying to find out my other options, it takes me 3 minutes to get transferred to Matt the supervisor whose code is TMX. He argues with me and after five minutes he tells me the only thing he can do is book me a ticket at the price that it was currently available, which was $537. To top it all off, my fiance and I are starting our own business and were looking to open up a frequent flyer card (2 actually) for a group of massage therapists. So basically Frontier treats it's customers like that of a horrible business on Black Friday if you will… You have the last PS4 in your hand, and someone runs up and can take it from you and get to the cash register faster, they honor the sale as legit and you're left waiting until next year because you can't afford it anymore. I'll never book another flight with Frontier, even though I've flown with them numerous times in the past.
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