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Default Absolute disgusting/racist service

have lodged a complaint against British airways, I have directly contacted them through email and have tried phoning them, it has been more than 72 hours since I have emailed them and I have had no response whatsoever, when i was booking they replied within an hour, here is my complaint-

Hi there,
I am writing in regards to my flight from Istanbul to London. I have never before flown on British airways and was looking forward to flying with your airline. I was traveling with a group of 30 people for holiday to Istanbul. I was really satisfied with the service you have from London Heathrow to Istanbul, i was even more happy that your airline staff checked in my bags even though i had a hand baggage only ticket, infact they checked in our whole groups baggage. I had no problems whatsoever on the way to Istanbul. However on my flight back i was extremely disappointed. Let me explain, to start with as soon as i arrived at Atatürk airport i was told by a member of your staff (BA staff) to go in the business class/club world/executive club line for check in. When i got at the counter the lady there got extremely angry and then told me to go back to the economy class line, this really did anger me however i did keep my cool and did as instructed. This also meant that i had to stand at the back of the queue. When i was standing in the line I was then told to go back to the check in desk, this extremely angered other passengers who did not understand what happen- they thought me and my family skipped the line- and me and my family got cussed and sworn at. Me and my family were the second last ones in the group so we're second last checking in, all other 23 passengers who all had a hand baggage only ticket (basic ticket) were allowed to check in 2 of there bags, however when i asked i was told that i was not allowed, this made me extremely disappointed and left out, why would a airline as big as British airways who fly to hundreds of destinations worldwide allow for 24 passengers of the same group to check in there baggage but not allow one family of the same group to check in there baggage, i was then told the airplane hold was full so there was no way possible my bags could fit in. However i did accept the fact that my ticket was only hand baggage ticket so walked on. However the final family of my group were allowed to check in 2 bags, so somehow when i asked, there was no space, but when a family from the same group, who went after me asks, there was somehow space available. So this meant out of the 30 people in my group i was the only one family that had the most bags to carry. This extremely hurt me and i felt as if i was being discriminated against. So all of a sudden there's no space in the hold then there is, this makes no sense at all to me. Your staff at Istanbul are extremely rude and don't explain anything properly. I travel very often and have never been through this much drama ever in my life. I was sworn at, stared at and when i tried to complain your staff did nothing more then shout and create a crowed. There's still more to this, when i was boarding the plane some other passengers were told that because there no space left for baggage in the cabin they can put in in the hold and will be with them at the carrousel at Heathrow. So this is now really confusing, at the check-in desk I was told there was no space in the hold, then the family after me get to check in 2 of there bags despite having the same ticket, then miraculously some how there is even more space in the hold for more baggage, does this make any sense whatsoever, as far as im concerned it looks as if to me i was being clearly discriminated against. I seriously want this issue sorted out, looked into and some sort of compensation sorted out, if not I will definitely not hesitate in contacting media outlets talking about my story. If that doesn't work then i definitely without a shadow of a doubt be taking this case to court, i was clearly discriminated against and was treated like crap in Istanbul. I think it was maybe because me and my family are practising Muslims or the fact that were Asians, this was without a doubt a racist incident which needs to be looked into, unfortunately i don't know the staff names, however i can say that they were on duty on Wednesday 19th April 2017 at around 12 pm. I normally do sleep on flights however i am currently right now on the plane ( flight number BA0679) writing this letter to you.To add to this problem I also had problems checking in online. I would be extremely grateful if this situation can be sorted and some sort of compensation given, am 100% sure this is not the way British Airways likes to conduct business, as your Moto says, to fly to serve.
british airways, istanbul airport

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