Flights Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Were you on a flight that was delayed, canceled, or overbooked?

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Old Jun 4, 2008, 1:03 PM
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Angry Unbelievable Treatment

My partner Trent said near the end of our ordeal that May 30th was the worst day of his life, and I would agree. We thought in a time when the airline industry is getting some of the worst press in years, that US Airways might go a few extra steps to win its customers over. Instead, from our experience it seems that US Airways has just given up.

Due to an unexpected death in the family, we had to fly to Northern Maine on very short notice. We booked our flight online on the 29th to fly out the next afternoon. Here is a rundown of what we encountered:

Our first flight out of Dayton (to Philadelphia 2476) was supposed to leave at 1:37. The plane had trouble with its landing gear sensor. The ground crew tried to fix it. Our delay kept getting longer. Finally, they brought in another plane. We were set to leave Dayton at 4. The staff at the desk said they would call customers who might not make their connections up to the desk. After a half hour, they had not called ANYONE. Knowing we would not make our 4:15 flight out of Philly, I took the initiative to go to the desk and ask for a new flight. The staff didn’t seem to be able to handle the task. The ticket agent booked us on a flight out of Philly leaving PHL at 6:15, and assured me we’d make it. She basically lied about when the plane would arrive in Dayton and what the turnaround time would be to get it back in the air. She had booked us on a flight we had little chance to make.

While sitting on the runway for a half hour in Dayton, the stewardess let me use her cell phone to talk to customer service to try to get another flight from Philly to Boston. I asked the customer service agent if, since we had such a tight connection, they would hold the plane for a few minutes if we were late. She said, “Sometimes if there are a lot of people on a flight that is late who are making the same connection, they will hold the flight. Are there a lot of people on your flight connecting to Boston?” What did she expect me to do? Ask for a show of hands? She concluded that we’d probably have no trouble making the connection and stated that the flight we were booked on from Philly to Boston was the last flight of the day from PHL to BOS. Two more lies.

On arrival in Philly we ran to the bus between terminals, and we ran to the gate. We arrived at the gate (per the airport’s clocks) at 6:13. And were told quite rudely by the ticket agent at the counter that the flight had already left—it had & it hadn’t just pulled away from the gate, it was gone. (I find this even more reprehensible since on our return journey, I watched a ticket agent in Philly open the access door for a customer after it had been closed for departure and say, “Oh, they almost left without you.” Why did she merit this treatment when we didn’t especially since I had talked to the “customer service” agent on the phone?) We were told we had to trek across the terminal to find a customer service desk to see what they could do for us. Thinking that we had just missed the last flight out, I thought we’d have to get booked on another airline…but the woman at the customer service counter—who could not have displayed less concern for two wheezing, stressed customers—booked us on a 7:30 flight to Boston (flight 777).

Knowing our connection from Boston to Presque Isle was tight, I went to the ticket agent and asked if we could be moved up from the 16th row so we could deplane as soon as possible. He moved us up to the 10th row saying that was the best he could do and confirmed that the flight from Boston to Presque Isle was running about 20 minutes late. I thanked him profusely. But he’d lied too. When we got on the plane, the row in front of us was empty; and there were at least 10 other seats in the rows in front of us that were unoccupied. Flight 777 was supposed to leave at 7:30…but when the plane arrived it was subject to a TSA security check because it was an “international flight.” Then it had to be cleaned. Then we spent another half hour on the runway. If a flight has already been made late by airline or airport staff, wouldn’t it be a good idea to bump it to the front of the line for take off?

Our first break of the afternoon, now evening: the flight from Boston to Presque Isle WAS delayed due to “routine maintenance.” Thanks for that, but shouldn’t that be done after the flights for the day are complete or when the plane isn’t in service? So we actually made our original flight (4955) between Boston and Presque Isle. It had been scheduled to leave at 8:45. When we arrived at just after 9, it was scheduled to leave at 9:45…then 10:15…then 10:45…it finally left the ground after 11. Each time I checked on when we might leave, I was told another lie. We had been in the travel pipeline since noon. At no time did we have a chance to get something substantial to eat—we were always about to leave. Both of us were exhausted. Trent had a migraine. When I asked the ticket agent and her hangers-on if there was a way to turn down the annoying and omnipresent “Boston Logan Airport Radio,” I was treated to three sarcastic, joking responses (one from each).

We got to Presque Isle at about 12:30…but our luggage did not. So after being on the ground in Boston for over two hours AND making our original flight number, our luggage did not get on the plane to PQI with us. We got to go back to the airport the next day to pick it up.

So we spent $1700 to be ignored, lied to, starved...basically tortured. An unbelievably stressful day was made excruciating by US Airways.
Old Jul 8, 2008, 11:44 PM
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Some of my children were on a flight that was cancelled . I was not allowed to give them the tickets I had on aflight that that was not cancelled. My husband and I had to fly bACK and leave our children in the Las Vegas airport fo over twenty eight hours with out so much as an offer for a cup of coffee. When they finally got home their luggage was dmaged. Everyone on Us Air was rude from the check in to security to those fat flight attendants with bad hair.

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