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Old Sep 11, 2009, 10:09 AM
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Angry Totally upset with the whole AA experience!!!

AUS-DFW-JFK - 30 min flight from Austin to Dallas/Fort Worth, everything alright but who figures it shouldn't. connecting flight to JFK supposed to leave at 11:45 am, boarding on time, sitting in the plane for almost an hour before driving to the runway. then suddenly driving back to the gate with the message that there is a mechanical problem (valve) that needs to be checked on. because of a 6 hour repair the flight got cancelled eventually!no help from AA flight attendants to tell us where to go or anything. once back in the terminal of course there were already long lines in front of the service desk (over 100 something people needed to get to New York somehow!!). no other employee could help (could have asked in the first place who really needed to get a connecting flight at JFK in order to be priority passenger or something). AA couldn't deliver a plane for replacement either (and DFW is AA's base airport!!). no one of the AA staff knew what to do now so, told not to get our luggage, I went to the ticket counter to rebook my flight. once way up in line we were told to get our suitcases now, omg, so all the way back to the bag claim, got the stuff (which was severely damaged by the way so I couldn't drag them anymore but had to carry my luggage - now imagine a 19 year old, tiny, skinny girl carrying two 35 pounds each suitcases through DFW which isn't the smallest airport...), now back in line once again. finally I got another flight at 3:40 pm (!!!) - I was supposed to be in NYC/JFK by that time and this flight should get me to La Guardia) not even knowing if there was a seat for me on this one that was actually fully booked (but I finally was upgraded to priority passenger!!!wohoo). little before boarding time the next issue: this plane also had a mechanical problem, this time the AC wasn't working properly, so switch gate and terminal again and of course departure was even more delayed now! (I wonder though that this time AA was able to deliver replacement and just that day they apparently couldn't?!). Eventually American could get some volunteers to take another flight a little later so I had a seat on that plane. service during this almost 4 hour flight really bad: once something to drink and no snack at all (other, better airlines provide at least a snack during a 1 1/2 hour flight and more to drink!!!!). once in NYC/La Guardia promised shuttle wasn't there, so I had to get a taxi (30 $ - glad to have that much money left after all!!) to JFK as fast as I could since it was 8:50 pm by now and my international flight with Lufthansa to Germany left at 9:35 pm there!!!so pretty impossible to make that but I tried at you can tell I was exhausted, tired and very upset...I had just experienced the worst day in my life!!have been crying my eye's out...I really thought this is a nightmare, I am pretty much gonna wake up soon!but I didn't...
the next day I had to pay 350 $ for my new booked Lufthansa flight as Lufthansa of course said it is not their fault I missed the plane and I had booked a last-minute special for the period of 3 weeks in order to get a special price and now it was already 3 weeks and one day, so they wouldn't take me anymore...I am really glad they took me for that much money after all and I am not stuck at JFK to this day!
I complained at American Airlines and claimed compensation (I specifically stressed that I will not accept any compensation concerning vouchers!!!). I received a letter telling me that this is typical for todays modern air traffic (I think a late arrival of 5 hours and mechanical problems twice are totally unacceptable) and AA (employees) always do everything in their power to help (???!!!oh really???where were they and how did they react??they were not less confused than we were!!) and more crazy stuff like that!!But that ain't the last time they've heard from me.
oh and guess what: they hat the guts to send me a flight voucher that I can use in connection with an international flight with AA that I pay for!!does anyone need a 300 $ flight voucher for this no-frills airline?cause I ain't gonna fly with this crazy company ever again...
I'm glad the plane didn't crash down and I got home safely after all!!really!
good luck for all that are choosing this airline...hope y'all have a safe trip!

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