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Thumbs down Delta airlines sucks when it comes to customer care

Houston IAH: DELTA 6588 First Class
NYC JFK: DELTA 6585 First Class

My wife and I are 85 years old. On 12/10/2010 for a Christmas present to my wife, I bought 2 first-class Delta tickets from Houston IAH to JFK in NYC; I paid $1,703.90 per ticket (which was immediately charged to my American Express card even though the flight was not scheduled until April 8, 2011).

My wife requires a wheel chair as she has great difficulty in walking. Delta wheelchair assistance was excellent at all levels. However, I was appalled to find the equipment for this 1,500-mile trip was nothing more than a beefed-up third-class commuter plane. My wife had to get out of the wheel chair and climb 7 steps at JFK (although I realize that this was a JFK gate problem, it seems to me for a flight of this length and with a wheel-chair passenger, Delta could have insisted upon a gate with a ramp). No movie on either flight nor was there even a meal served for the JFK-IAH return flight; and, most infuriating, my wife almost collapsed trying to walk to the single lavatory at the tail end of the plane!!!

I'm truly disappointed--and even angered--at what we had to pay for Delta's so-called "First Class." Aside from the 4-seats in a row configuration in the tourist section (as compared with the 3 identical seats per row in first class), the flying experience (on both flights) was much more like third class and says a lot about Delta Airlines

The basic issue I raised with Delta was simply this: If full information about the flight were available before ticket purchase, why would you expect someone to pay $1,700 per ticket for a flight on a commuter-class aircraft when (1) the only toilet for a passenger over a four-hour flight is at the very back of the plane, and (2) an economy-class ticket with only trivial differences in amenities can be purchased for under $800 per ticket?

In response to my emails to their top executives, Delta offered me $800 in vouchers that could only be used on Delta flights in the next 12 months (in one reply they noted that “our industry's revenue environment has permanently changed, and we must operate our airline accordingly” --- very customer oriented, indeed! At our age my wife and I are unlikely totravel Delta in the next 12 months or know who could use the vouchers.

So I hope you and others will think twice—or thrice—before booking a flight on Delta.

Please let your friends know.

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i can understand your disappointment in paying that much for "first class" on a commuter plane, i would be disappointed too. but when you booked the ticket did you notice the plane configuration on the seat map? or notice it saying operated by..ASA, comair, skywest etc? those can all be "delta airlines" but operated with the regional jets. 4 hours is a long flight especially paying the first class price just for a tad wider seat and a bit more leg room (not much on commuter first class) and no food, however with a plane this small their just isnt room in the carts or in the galley area. Delta just cant call and say "We would like a gate for this flight" doesnt work that way...would be nice if it did. i can see deltas point.. our industry's revenue environment has permanently changed, and we must operate our airline accordingly. i was shocked...on my last delta flight yesterday, not only were there pillows and blankets for free for us to use, but snacks for free!! Im actually suprised delta gave you anything. i bet the others that booked the first class tickets didnt get anything..of course they probably didnt say anything. However in my opinion, 4 hours on a commuter plane isnt right...too long for that type of aircraft unless your on the larger one (ERJ-175) but it sounds as if you were on a crj-200 or 700.

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