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Etihad Airways Complaints>Undervalued service - Staff not trained
konathamreddy 4:18 PM Feb 24, 2018
My In-laws are flying to London from Hyderabad, India. They, in the past several times travelled to the UK on family visit visa on one way ticket with different airlines. This is the first time we used this undervalued Etihad airlines and bought one way ticket to London. When they went to check-in, the staff told them to buy return ticket otherwise they would refuse boarding. As our in-laws cannot speak English or Hindi other than local Indian language, they called me in the UK. I managed to speak to the staff there; I said to them that there is no such rule that the visit visa holder should buy a return ticket. I explained them that as long as there is valid passport and a valid visa, the airlines should allow the passengers to board. However, the manager that I spoke to was extremely rude and authoritative and said, he would let them in unless I buy return ticket instantly. One time, they even went on saying that that it is Indian government rule. . I argued over the phone with these unethical staff that there is no such requirement either in English law or Indian law.

They even threatened that unless I buy a return ticket in half hour, my in-laws would be sent home. As I lost my frustration and there is no other option, I had to buy immediately online the return tickets from Oman airways. After, that they asked me to show the proof sending via email. I sent the same. Now, they say, there is no ticket number on the return ticket other than booking reference. I told them the booking reference number is enough and asked them to call Oman air if they got any questions.

Finally our in-laws were given boarding pass. Later our in-laws told me that, there are other people also denied the boarding on the same reason by these uneducated / untrained / unethical staff.

There is no customer service for the Etihad airways. They do not know the immigration rules of the UK. I asked them to show the rule as they argue, they said, they do not. I asked them to put in writing what they said, they said ‘no’.

We always plan return journey along with our in-laws according to our holidays in the UK. This time they spoiled our plans.
Completely unethical, nightmare. I have written to the CEO directly, no reply so far.

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