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COMPLAINT: LIAT - Canceled Flight Without Explanation & Failed To Rebook

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Old Oct 24, 2018, 2:17 AM
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We were scheduled to fly from SLU airport in St. Lucia on a LIAT flight to BGI airport in Barbados. Once in Barbados, we were scheduled to catch a connecting flight home on JetBlue to JFK airport in the U.S. However, when we arrived at SLU airport, we were informed that our LIAT flight had been cancelled. Upon asking why, we were given no explanation. When we inquired about catching a different LIAT flight from St. Lucia's other airport, UVF, that could get us to Barbados in time for our JetBlue connection, we were told that nothing else was available. We were instructed to wait in SLU airport for a later LIAT flight to BGI airport in Barbados. Since the wait for this flight was over 6 hours, we missed our connecting flight on JetBlue.

Upon arriving at BGI airport in Barbados, we received taxi, meal, and hotel vouchers from LIAT, and we were assured that LIAT would rebook us on a JetBlue flight to JFK airport in the U.S. the following day. We asked for a confirmation number and a flight number for this rebooking, but were only told to report to the JetBlue counter at BGI airport the following day. However, when we reported to JetBlue the following day, JetBlue had no record of LIAT having rebooked us for any flight to JFK airport in the U.S. If not for the graciousness of the JetBlue representative that assisted us, we might have been stranded for yet another day. He very kindly rebooked us on the next JetBlue flight to JFK and, although a full day later, we did eventually get home - no thanks to LIAT.

The lack of explanation from LIAT as to why our original flight was cancelled, the 6 hour wait in SLU airport which had limited amenities (water and restrooms, but no food), and LIAT's failure to rebook us on a JetBlue flight to take us home, all speak to LIAT's lack of concern for their passengers. Sadly, we have since heard that that our situation is far from unique, and that this sort of thing is a fairly common occurrence among LIAT customers. Our schedule was disrupted, we were greatly inconvenienced, and we are very reluctant to fly on LIAT again. We contacted LIAT to find out (1) why our original flight was suddenly cancelled and (2) why LIAT failed to rebook us on another JetBlue flight as promised to get us home. LIAT never responded. This low level of customer service is unacceptable and this is why we felt a need to post our experience online. Hopefully, others will read it and be warned against using LIAT.
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