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Old Jan 13, 2010, 4:43 AM
calmadarch547 calmadarch547 is offline
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Hi All,

I wanted to know what kind of compensations I am entitled to when the delays are due to mechanical issues? I am quite upset at the delays, made worse by customer service at the airport giving me the "tough luck" line. I find it unacceptable to pay for a service and be subjected to delays and poor customer service. I'm planning to file a complaint and wanted to know what is fair compensation for my time in this situation.

I had two flights to my final destination, both delayed due to mechanical issues:

Continental Airlines Flight 1803
Scheduled departure: 01/11/2010 9:50PM PST
Actual Departure: 01/12/2010 12:27 AM PST
Delay: 3hr. 3 minutes late
Mechanical problem: Flat tire, ground crew had to fix the flat

Connecting Flight to Final Destination:
Continental Airlines Flight 9701
Scheduled departure: 01/12/2010 8AM EST
Actual Departure: 01/12/2010 10:40 AM EST
Delay: 2hr. 15 minutes late
Mechanical problem: Original plane had issues, switched to a new plane.

Thank You!
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Old Jan 13, 2010, 5:06 AM
The_Judge The_Judge is offline
Former Airline Employee (NOT OFFICIAL REP)
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There's alot of information here but you asked so here it is. Also, this could have been found on CO's website as I found it or if you want to confirm, you can click right here and click on rule 24 in the left window pane.

Delay, Misconnection or Cancellation
When a Passengerís ticket is affected because of a Schedule Irregularity caused by CO, CO will take the following measures:
) Transport the Passenger on its own flights, subject to availability, to the Destination, next Stopover point, or transfer point shown on its portion of the Ticket, without Stopover in the same class of service, at no additional cost to the Passenger, provided that a Passenger who paid a Coach fare may only be transported on a flight in First Class or Business First Class Service subject to seat availability and if such flight will provide an earlier arrival than COís next flight on which coach space is available; or
i) At the Passengerís request, provided that the tariff covering the original transportation permits routing via the carrier which will transport the Passenger, CO will re-accommodate the Passenger in the same class of service on the next available flight on another carrier, or combination of carriers, if the length of the delay to the Passengerís destination exceeds two hours.
In the event a Passenger misses an onward connecting flight on which space is reserved because the Delivering Carrier did not operate its flight due to a Schedule Irregularity or Change in Schedule, the Delivering Carrier is responsible to arrange for carriage of Passenger or to make a refund.
CO will provide a refund in accordance with Rule 27 A), if the Passenger is not transported as provided in C) 2) above.
Amenities for Delayed Passengers
Lodging - The Passenger will be provided one nightís lodging, or a maximum allowance for one nightís lodging as established by each location, when a CO flight on which the Passenger is being transported incurs a Schedule Irregularity and the Passenger incurs a delay that is expected to exceed four hours during the period 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
EXCEPTION: Lodging will not be furnished:
To a Passenger whose trip is interrupted at a city which is his/her permanent domicile, or
When the destination city airport that is designated on the Passengerís Ticket and the city airport that the Passenger is diverted to are both within the following city groups:
Baltimore, MD (BWI)/Washington D.C. Dulles IAD)/Washington D.C. National (DCA)
Brownsville, TX (BRO/Harlingen, TX (HRL)/McAllen, TX (MFE)
ii) Burbank, CA (BUR)/Los Angeles, CA (LAX)/Ontario, CA (ONT)/Orange County, CA (SNA)/Long Beach, CA (LGB)
v) Chicago, IL OíHare (ORD)/Chicago, IL Midway (MDW)
) Colorado Springs, CO (COS)/Denver, CO (DEN)
i) Dallas, TX Dallas-Ft. Worth International (DFW)/Dallas, TX Love Field (DAL)
ii) Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL)/Miami, FL (MIA)/West Palm Beach, FL (PBI)
iii) Houston, TX Bush Intercontinental (IAH)/Houston, TX Ellington AFB (EFD)/Houston, TX Hobby(HOU)
) Oakland, CA (OAK)/San Francisco, CA (SFO)/San Jose, CA (SJO)
(x) N
ewark, NJ Newark International (EWR)/New York, NY La Guardia (LGA)/New York, NY Kennedy (JFK)/White Plains, NY (HPN)
(xi) L
ondon, UK Gatwick (LGW)/London, UK Heathrow (LHR)
c) Wh
en such interruption is due to circumstances outside COís control such as weather condition and air traffic control delays.
2) M
eals - Passengers will be provided with one meal, per Passenger, if the delay caused by CO to the Passenger under this Rule will extend beyond normal meal hours. When lodging is furnished in accordance with 1) above, the Passenger may be provided up to two meals.
3) Gr
ound Transportation - When lodging is furnished in accordance with 1) above and ground transportation is not furnished by the hotel, CO will provide ground transportation to the place of lodging via public conveyance.
4) Com
munication - CO will provide one three-minute long distance telephone call when the delay caused by CO under this Rule is expected to exceed two hours.
5) Pass
engers with Special Needs - During a Schedule Irregularity, CO will provide such amenities as are necessary to maintain the safety and/or welfare of certain Passengers such as Qualified Individuals with Disabilities, unaccompanied minors, or the elderly. 35
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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Old Jan 13, 2010, 6:39 AM
Silent Bob Silent Bob is offline
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calma, you can try and right a letter detailing the incidents which caused the delay (much of what you've done in this complaint). On top of what was mentioned by the Judge, they may also offer travel vouchers, most get 50 bucks, but you may be able to squeeze out more. In your letter just try to leave the anger out of it and again be detailed.

That should help.
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Old Sep 15, 2010, 7:48 AM
airportparking airportparking is offline
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Nice post...Thank you very much!!......
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Old Sep 15, 2010, 8:19 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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It is still inadequate, because all that Continental offer is just mitigating the circumstances they created. There is no compensation whatsoever. In Europe you would be entitled to significantly more....but then air travel in Europe is regulated!!
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